A Gamestop storefront

GameStop Wants You To Visit During A Pandemic For A Shiny Pokemon

A new Pokemon promo is asking players to visit GameStop stores in order to receive a shiny Pokemon. The code can't be obtained remotely.

Gamestop Shuts Down All Stores in California; Retracting Their Earlier Statement


Just a couple of days ago, Gamestop employees received a memo from their management describing the retailer's line of shops around the United States as "

A typical Gamestop

Gamestop's Coronavirus Measures are Sorely Lacking


With the Coronavirus spreading across America, a variety of stores have shut their doors and taken measures, some government-mandated, to protect their employees and customers.

Reggie Fils-Aimé GameStop cover

Reggie Fils-Aimé Joins GameStop's Board of Directors


After Reggie Fils-Aimé retired from Nintendo, many of us wondered how he would spend all of that

chonicle power armor helmet recall

[Update] Chronicle Power Armor Helmet Collectible is Being Recalled


A collectible Chronicle Power Armor Helmet is being recalled due to a hazard within the product.

sony gamestop

GameStop Reportedly Laying Off Over 50 Employees As Part of Reorganization


After a major management reshuffle in May, there are unconfirmed reports that retailer GameStop is making so

GameStop Store Front

GameStop Wants to Become a Community Hub For Gamers


It's not been a good year for GameStop, and that's putting it mildly.

thinkgeek website

ThinkGeek Website Closing Down, Debuting Dedicated Section at GameStop Stores


The ThinkGeek website is going to be closing down next month as it folds operations into its parent company GameStop.

gamestop stock

GameStop Stock Crashes, Falling 36% and Potentially Spelling Doom for Retailer


GameStop stock has fallen 36% in a single day.