Games For Windows Live

Games For Windows Live

GTA 4: Complete Edition cover

GTA 4: Complete Edition is coming soon, and it's doing something PC gamers have long been hoping for: it's finally putting Games For Windows Live out to pasture. That's not all, though; this new

Lost Planet 2 Games for Windows Live

Games for Windows Live has been officially dead for more than three years with, with support for Microsoft's first attempt at a PC gaming platform ending in July of 2014. Many games that once used

Dead Rising 2

Dead Rising 2 has transitioned from Games for Windows Live to Steamworks according to Capcom. Here’s some news that’s sure to raise both eyebrows and the dead. Zombie slayfests Dead Rising 2 and


With the last dying breath of Games For Windows Live comes the announcement of how BandaiNamco and others plan to deal with this obsolete piece of software no longer plaguing the lives of pc gamers