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The Federal Trade Commission has blasted Apple and Google, suggesting the two companies' prohibitive mobile platform charges force developers into predatory revenue streams. This comes in a statement

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A "Staff Perspective Paper" based on the recent FTC loot box workshop has been released, neatly summarizing the scope of the problem with this form of microtransactions. If you're hoping for

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The United States' Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is holding an ongoing workshop today regarding loot boxes in video games. Today, we found out that the three major game console creators Sony,

ftc loot box workshop

A long-promised FTC workshop on loot boxes has been announced and will be taking place in August 2019. This FTC loot box workshop will seek to tackle issues surrounding microtransactions and loot

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After a slew of negative press over the past few years, loot boxes are not very well liked at the moment. The Belgian Gaming Commission recommended prosecution for some game companies over the loot

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The Federal Trade Commission is investigating loot boxes after an official request to do so was made by Senator Maggie Hassan. The request was affirmed by FTC chairman Joe Simons during a Senate

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Due to recent ads appearing on websites around the internet for the past couple of weeks today the FTC released a statement on their blog highlighting this practice as a scam and warning consumers of


The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) is warning that a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Appeals Court may have removed the agency's ability to regulate companies like Google and Comcast. While the FTC

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The Electronic Frontier Foundation(EFF) has petitioned the FTC to introduce labeling rules which would require retailers to warn consumers if products sold on their platforms contain DRM. DRM can be

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Yesterday, it was announced that the Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has settled with the Federal Trade commission for what occurred during the marketing campaign for Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. 

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The Newspaper Association of America (NAA), a trade organization representing over 2000 newspapers, has filed a complaint with the FTC urging it to investigate "unfair and deceptive" practices of

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Machinima inc has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission over an advertising campaign to promote the Xbox One. Machinima is one of the major producers of gaming media, and they have a

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Earlier today, the Associated Press obtained a draft bill drawn up by the White House to provide stronger privacy protections online. If you thought this might be about reining in the NSA or

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