red bull battle ground 2017

Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 Results


Red Bull Battle Grounds 2017 in Boston, Massachusetts was the setting for this past weekend's Capcom Pro Tour North American Regional Finals.

twt finals 2017

Tekken World Tour Finals 2017 Results


The Tekken World Tour Finals in California concluded this past weekend, putting an end to several months of grueling practice and tournament bouts that hundreds of prospective champions put themsel

Capcom Pro Tour 2017

Capcom Pro Tour Latin America Finals 2017 Results


The Capcom Pro Tour is very, very close to wrapping up.

paris games week

Paris Games Week 2017 Results


Paris Games Week 2017 hosted the European finals for the Tekken World Tour, and not only was it the last event for the region, it was the last event before the World Finals, period.

canada cup 2017

Canada Cup 2017 Results


Canada Cup, the largest fighting game event in the last quarter of the year, has arrived.

Evo Evolution Championship Series 2017

Evo Returns To Las Vegas for Evo 2018 in August


An official announcement trailer for Evo 2018 has revealed the date and location of the upcoming 2018 edition of Evolution Championship Series.

dreamhack denver 2017

DreamHack Denver 2017 Results


DreamHack Denver in Colorado is the home of this year's Americas regional final for the Tekken World Tour, with a whopping $15,000 pot bonus contributed to the overall prize by Bandai Namco.

toushinsai 2017

Toushinsai 2017 Results


Touhsinsai 2017 is not only the biggest anime fighting game event in Japan, it's also host to the Arc Revolution Cup, the conclusion to the international circuit dedicated to games by Arc System Wo

seam 2017

South East Asia Major 2017 Results


South East Asia Major 2017 in Singapore has concluded, and a lot was on the line for multiple games.

taiwan fighter major

Taiwan Fighter Major 2017 Results


Taiwan Fighter Major 2017 is not only a part of the Capcom Pro Tour as the final premiere event taking place in Asia, it's also a part of the Tekken World Tour as the final Master event fo