Siren Blood Curse 1920x1080

Spine-Chilling Horror Games for Summer


Many of us find ourselves with a bevy of free time.

Bayonetta and Yuna, two iconic female characters

6 Female Characters From Games That Sold Well


Sure, commercial success isn't necessarily the mark of a well-written female character.

BIG Digital 2020

BIG Festival Becomes BIG Digital: Brazil’s Independent Games Festival Goes Online


While Japan and the United States publish a wide selection of games, the Spanish-speaking world has been expanding their own reach within the industry.

Troy: A Total War Saga

A Total War Saga: TROY Mixes Myth With Truth Next Year


The Total War Saga series has seen two entries, one new game and one retroactively added to the series, and now Creative Assembly is ready to share details of the next: A Total War Sag

Apsulov: End of Gods is Some Great Spooky Sci-Fi Horror

TR Originals

Some days I just want to be spooked. Generally, I turn to video games for this. There's just something about playing a horror game, compared to a movie, that feels so much more personal.

Bullet Points: Nowhere Prophet's Indofuturism

TR Originals

The world of Nowhere Prophet takes a lot of inspiration from India, where lead developer Martin Nerurkar spent some time.

game reviews june 2019 roundup

June 2019 Game Review Roundup


Hey guys. E3 was last month, so I doubt I actually have much to do here. Easily the lightest month of the year as far as reviews go. So yeah, lets just relax. Wait, what's that?


Predicting E3 2019: Square Enix


E3 2018 had a lot of big announcements for Square Enix trailers of known entities like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Kingdom Hearts III, and unknowns like The Quiet Man a

Devolver Digital Crosshatch Buttons

Predicting E3 2019: Devolver Digital


There's a lot about the E3 press conferences you know going in: Dancing Pandas at Ubisoft, Microsoft showing off a new Minecraft update, and EA will show us the latest sports games slightly better

e3 2019 what we're looking forward to

What is TechRaptor Excited For At E3 2019?


We're a few short days away from E3 2019 and with it, we expect to see all kinds of big game reveals and announcements.