Coverage Club: The Eternal Castle is Saved By the Vibes

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The Eternal Castle [REMASTERED] got me. I swore it was a remake of a 1987 DOS game.


Console Minis Jump the Shark with PC Classic


There were rumors around we would be seeing a Nintendo 64 Classic. Other gamers have requested a GameBoy Classic, or even a miniaturized version of the original Xbox.

steam valve christmas dos

Steam Comes Clean About Christmas Store Issue


Valve and Steam have both been a pretty big topic in the news over the past few weeks, and the news hasn't been all that great.

retro city rampage DOS

Retro City Rampage Releases on MS-DOS


The 80s, when studly mullets flowed wild and untamed, wise-cracking robots complimented women on their software, and hand-drawn assailants advanced menacingly with pipe wrenches through the magic o

Useful Windows DOS commands you should know - Part 2


Welcome back to Tech Raptor, and to part 2 of our two part series on useful DOS/CMD commands that everyone should know!

Useful Windows DOS commands you should know - Part 1


In today's computing world, everything is done using a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which is perfectly fine.