Professor Booster speaking in Cave Story

[Updated] Nicalis DMCAs Cave Story Engine 2 Fan Project


Update November 27th 9:00 am: Ema, a developer who worked on a fork of Cave Story Engine 2 has spoken to Nintendo Life.

city of heroes action shot header

Private City of Heroes Server Shuts Down After 'Doing The Impossible'


Over the weekend, the launch of a private City of Heroes server was made publ


[Updated] Star Control: Origins DMCA'd by Series Creators


The ongoing dispute between game developer Stardock and Star Control creators Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford has escalated to a takedown notice.


Library of Congress Expanding Video Game Preservation Protections


Video game preservation has long been a convoluted subject under copyright law, even after changes made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 2015 to help promote accessibility to older

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ESA Opposes DMCA Exemptions For Abandoned Online Games


The Entertainment Software Association, an industry group that represents the interests of video game developers & publishers, has argued ag

steamwatch 30 12 2017

SteamWatch - A Steam Retrospective


Valve's Steam platform has been able to successfully stand as one of the pioneers of PC gaming ever since its launch in 2003., presenting itself as one of the easiest ways for gamers to obtain thei

Starr Mazer

Imagos Softworks Files For Default Settlement - Alex Mauer Saga


It's been a while since we've talked about Alex Mauer, and quite honestly that's been a good thing.

SteamWatch Supermarket Tycoon

[Updated] SteamWatch - Indie Game Receives DMCA Takedown Prior to Steam Release


Update 2: After publication, a representative claiming to represent both the trademark holder and a third party developer (which we have since disproved) reached out to us with con