CJ riding a bike in GTA San Andreas

Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar, has issued more DMCA takedown notices for GTA mods. These mods are mostly for newer GTA games, and they're intended to

The Guardians of the Galaxy face off against a horrible beast

If you're a streamer and you want to stream the upcoming Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but you want to avoid getting slapped with DMCA claims, you're in luck. Eidos Montreal says the game will

Professor Booster speaking in Cave Story

Update November 27th 9:00 am: Ema, a developer who worked on a fork of Cave Story Engine 2 has spoken to Nintendo Life. According to Ema, the DMCA notice is only for Cave Story Engine 2. Furthermore

mario royale dmca royale

Remember last week, when Mario Royale was a thing? If you don't, it was a 100-player battle royale-style game based on Super Mario Bros. One hundred players raced each other to be the first to finish

city of heroes action shot header

Over the weekend, the launch of a private City of Heroes server was made public after most of the game's code was released online, in part to the revelations regarding a secret server in operation


The ongoing dispute between game developer Stardock and Star Control creators Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford has escalated to a takedown notice. In a post on the Steam board for Star Control: Origins


Video game preservation has long been a convoluted subject under copyright law, even after changes made to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) in 2015 to help promote accessibility to older

entertainment software association fallout terminal

The Entertainment Software Association, an industry group that represents the interests of video game developers & publishers, has argued against a request by the Museum of Art and Digital

steamwatch 30 12 2017

Valve's Steam platform has been able to successfully stand as one of the pioneers of PC gaming ever since its launch in 2003., presenting itself as one of the easiest ways for gamers to obtain their