Android Wear iPhone

Android Wear has officially launched on iOS devices as of today. Through the Android Wear app currently in the App Store, iOS users are no longer limited to the Apple Watch or Pebble for wearables.


GTA V released this week on PC, and it has already sold a million copies. Now, this is awesome, and shows that the PC platform is alive and well. But how about people who wanna move to PC? Well, we'

Mac Pro Ashtray

My friend recently asked me to help put together a part list for a workstation. However, he's also a major gamer and wants to get into making YouTube videos and the like. He had saved up a ton, and

1080 vs 4k

Everyone can see it. 4k monitors are coming down in price. While they aren't as cheap as 1080p monitors, and some aren't as good, a lot of people still want them. So is there a way to get affordable

In today's review we are going to be focusing on the new Nexus 5 by LG and Google. You see the Nexus is a very important phone especially to Google as it represents their direct answer to Apple's