Standalone Valve Index Deckard Datamined cover

A dataminer has discovered references to what may be a standalone Valve Index headset codenamed "Deckard" -- a move that would give the Oculus Quest 2 some serious competition. The Valve Index is

The Steam logo against a background of the storefront

Humble Bundle creator Wolfire Games has accused Valve of controlling game prices on non-Steam stores. According to Wolfire, Valve tells developers it will remove their games from Steam if they charge

Three European flags, meant to represent the European Commission

The European Commission has issued fines to Valve and several other major gaming companies for geo-blocking digital content within the European Economic Area (EEA). The Commission found that geo-

An abandoned motel with a sign saying closed due to illness

“Report unusual behavior. Barricade your homes. Avoid all contact with the infected individuals. Wait for official instructions.” A character reads this from an official looking pamphlet as his three


After many days of silence on the current political events that are taking place throughout America, Valve has made a statement of sorts by pledging to sponsor the Game Devs of Color Expo. The

Steam Controller

Steam's Autumn Sale is now underway and along with all the exciting deals on fun games, there is a somber $5 (plus shipping) final sale for Valve's Steam Controller. Valve has confirmed that this

steam labs

Valve has been trying to find unique and creative ways to improve discoverability on Steam, and has been using a system called Steam Labs to do so. Today Valve has released two more experiments for


Last week, Valve implemented some changes to the way Steam's More Like This section works. More Like This is displayed on a game's page beneath the System Requirements tab and shows you games that

shenmue iii kickstarter

There may be trouble ahead for you if you're a Shenmue III PC backer and you were hoping for a Steam key. A recent post on the game's Kickstarter campaign suggests that Shenmue III Steam keys may