Art for the NES version of Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Speedrunner Breaks 4.55 Barrier

Super Mario Bros speedrunner Miniland managed to break the game's world record of 4:55, a ridiculously precise record thought to be possibly unbreakable.
Summer GDQ Online 2020

Summer GDQ Online Will Replace Physical Event


Games Done Quick has been speedrunning for charity for years, but now it's had to make a change to help keep everyone safe.

A shot of Super Mario Bros, speedruns of which Guinness has been accidentally claiming

Guinness Apologizes For Falsely Claiming Super Mario Bros. Speedruns


If you've got a Super Mario Bros. speedrun posted up on YouTube, you may want to go check on it.

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 slice

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Postponed, Charity Event Announced


Summer Games Done Quick 2020 has joined the growing list of gaming events that are being pos

doom 2 speedrun

Doom Speedrun Breaks 20-year-old World Record by One Second


A recent Doom speedrun has broken a world record that stood for 20 years by one second.


Twin Galaxies Declares Todd Rogers Dragster Record Invalid, Bans Him Everywhere


After months of analysis and testimony, record-keeping site Twin Galaxies has made a final decision to remove Todd Rogers’ disputed Dragster 5.51 seconds time and ban him from any further

Wind Waker HD Preview Image

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD Game Changing Speedrunning Trick Discovered


Speedrunning is the art of completing a game as fast as possible while meeting the set conditions.

Donkey Kong 64

Rare Collectible Found in Donkey Kong 64 After 17 Years


A rare collectible rainbow coin was found in the platformer game Donkey Kong 64