Wrath of the Righteous Key Art

When Owlcat games released Pathfinder: Kingmaker, it was the first time the long-running tabletop game ever graced the video game world. Over 10 years of material, Kingmaker was a good - if flawed -

Chronicle of Innsmouth Mountains of Madness Title

Terror of the unknown is one of the defining elements of Lovecraftian fiction. It’s a format that has wormed its way into video games, tabletop systems, film, and modern literature. Enter Chronicle

Horror Story: Hallowseed Effigy

Sue me, I have a soft spot for indie horror. Horror Story: Hallowseed is a first-person horror adventure developed by Jeff Winner. Currently in Early Access, it tells the story of three people who go

Guilty Gear Strive

This past weekend, Arc System Works ran its first open beta for Guilty Gear Strive. Along with giving the general public the first sampling of this revamped fighter, it was a proof of concept for the

Nioh 2

Update: Nioh 2's day-one update did fix the issue with 120 fps not working properly, but it's kind of a half measure. You can select the option and get 120 fps, but only sometimes. The game is very

LUNARK demo crystal

Billing itself as a "2D cinematic platformer in the vein of 80s and 90s classics," Lunark is an upcoming sci-fi platformer with full controller support. Developed and published by Canari Games, this

Hauma Preview Ballroom

Ex-detective Judith is angry. Two years ago, she was attacked by a group of mysterious figures. Though she survived, she lost her job and has been fuming ever since. Hungry for the opportunity for

Yakuza 3 Remastered PC

When Microsoft announced that the Yakuza series was finally coming to Xbox in late 2019, fans were elated. Typically regarded as a PlayStation exclusive (despite actually releasing on the Wii U in

Monster Camp Title Screen

Summer is the season of LOVE - and what better time to play a romantic summer-themed dating sim than the oh-so-spooky month of October? It's time to go to Monster Camp! During this week's Steam