pathologic 2

Gearbox @ Pax East - Pathologic 2 Release Date Trailer


After an introduction from Randy Pitchford and a couple of minor announcements, tinyBuild Games introduced a new game they're publishing, developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, Pathologic 2.

we happy few - they came from below april 4

Gearbox @ Pax East - We Happy Few They Came From Below DLC


Paul Sage and Randy Pitchford took to the stage at PAX East following another showing of the Borderlands trailer that's been making the rounds. Mr. Pitchford casually announced that Mr.

graveyard keeper

Graveyard Keeper Coming To Nintendo Switch "Very Soon"


Cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper is coming to Nintendo Switch "very soon".

Final Fantasy XV 2018

Final Fantasy XV Is Getting 2 More Years Of Content


Developer Square Enix, in their unrelenting crusade to constantly update the best Cup Noodle adve

boston globe

Boston Globe Joins Chorus, Reports Dubious Bomb Threat


Unless you have been completely avoiding all forms of media lately, including Law & Order SVU, then you will have noticed that there has been a culture war going on in gaming over the