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Pax East

7 Games from PAX East 2020 to Add to Your Wishlist

In what may have been one of the last major gatherings of any kind in 2020, the game industry descended on Boston for PAX East 2020. As usual, the show floor was full of interesting games of all


Devolver Digital is well known for their eclectic mix of games and a new one has just joined the roster. SLUDGE LIFE is a brand-new title where you can spray graffiti and harass the locals — and it's

Coronavirus gaming conventions canceled controller cover

The COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has been slowing down travel and leading to the cancellation of events and the gaming world is no different. Coronavirus gaming convention cancellations and game delays

PAX East 2020 Cancellation

PUBG Corp and CD Projekt RED are the latest PAX East 2020 cancellations due to concerns over the coronavirus. With the number of worldwide coronavirus cases slowly but steadily increasing, a greater

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The mayor of Boston has asked Sony to rethink its PAX East pullout, indicating that the odds of coronavirus spreading in the city are extremely low.  In a letter to Sony's President and CEO,

Coronavirus convention cancellations cover

Concerns over the coronavirus have caused several gaming companies to back out of conventions and impacted the production of Valve Index VR headsets. While government authorities around the world

PlayStation PAX East

Bad news for gamers heading up to Boston next week: the PlayStation PAX East events have been universally canceled amidst concerns over the coronavirus. @AutomaticZen noticed an update to the


If you were expecting to see Bethesda's Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year, you'll be disappointed. From the man himself, Todd Howard, we heard that we're probably not seeing either.


After announcing a Borderlands board game, Randy Pitchford invited a handful of Gearbox Software employees to talk about the upcoming remaster of the original Borderlands Game of the Year Edition, as

borderlands 3

The Gearbox PAX East show had Randy Pitchford returning to the stage one final time for the game we all knew was coming: Borderlands 3. Unfortunately, the premiere of the trailer was mired by

pathologic 2

After an introduction from Randy Pitchford and a couple of minor announcements, tinyBuild Games introduced a new game they're publishing, developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, Pathologic 2. The trailer is a

we happy few - they came from below april 4

Paul Sage and Randy Pitchford took to the stage at PAX East following another showing of the Borderlands trailer that's been making the rounds. Mr. Pitchford casually announced that Mr. Sage is the

graveyard keeper

Cemetery management sim Graveyard Keeper is coming to Nintendo Switch "very soon". Publisher tinyBuild uploaded a video to its official YouTube account featuring tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik

Final Fantasy XV 2018

Developer Square Enix, in their unrelenting crusade to constantly update the best Cup Noodle advertisement of all time, announced a few major updates to its flagship title Final Fantasy XV.  If you'

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Several years ago the video game industry saw a trend of dark and griddy games flooding the market. The nearly black and white Gears of War was one of the most notable games to set the trend along

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We are just a few days away from Boston’s largest gaming convention: PAX East. The doors of the BCEC will open to Bostonian nerds and travelers alike for one of my favorite weekends of the year.

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Unless you have been completely avoiding all forms of media lately, including Law & Order SVU, then you will have noticed that there has been a culture war going on in gaming over the past 6