7 Games from PAX East 2020 to Add to Your Wishlist

7 Games from PAX East 2020 to Add to Your Wishlist


In what may have been one of the last major gatherings of any kind in 2020, the game industry descended on Boston for PAX East 2020.


SLUDGE LIFE is Devolver Digital's Next Weird Game


Devolver Digital is well known for their eclectic mix of games and a new one has just joined the roster. SLUDGE LIFE is a brand-new title where you can spray graffiti and harass the locals

Coronavirus gaming conventions canceled controller cover

Coronavirus Gaming Convention Cancellations & Game Delays


The COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus has been slowing down travel and leading to the cancellation of events and the gaming world is no different.

PAX East 2020 Cancellation

PUBG Corp and CD Projekt Red are the Latest PAX East 2020 Cancellations


PUBG Corp and CD Projekt RED are the latest PAX East 2020 cancellations due to concerns over the coronavirus.

Coronavirus convention cancellations cover

Coronavirus Convention Cancellations Continue, Valve Index Production Also Affected


Concerns over the coronavirus have caused several gaming companies to back out of conventions and impacted the production of Valve Index VR hea

PlayStation PAX East

PlayStation PAX East Events Canceled Due to Coronavirus


Bad news for gamers heading up to Boston next week: the PlayStation PAX East events have been universally canceled amidst concerns over the coronavirus.


Todd Howard Implies that Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI Will Not Be At E3


If you were expecting to see Bethesda's Starfield or The Elder Scrolls VI at E3 this year, you'll be disappointed.

borderlands 3

Gearbox @ Pax East - Borderlands 3


The Gearbox PAX East show had Randy Pitchford returning to the stage one final time for the game