Overwatch League

Overwatch League

Overwatch Map Pools cover

Opinions on Overwatch Map Pools and Hero Pools have been somewhat divided ever since they've debuted. Now, Blizzard Entertainment has announced that they're doing away with Map Pools altogether — and

The stage prior to the 2019 Overwatch League finals

The final showdown of the Overwatch League's second season has come to a close. The San Francisco Shock and the Vancouver Titans faced off in a glorious head-to-head fight in Blizzard Entertainment's

overwatch role queue

The long-awaited Overwatch Role Queue system has finally been officially announced. Rumors of a role-lock feature have been floating around for the last several weeks, and we now know for certain

nyxl homestand games

Two NYXL homestand games are coming to the Overwatch League in 2020. If you haven't been following the league super closely, 2019 marked the second year of the league's operations and the first time


For the past year, the 3/3 team composition (or GOATS) has been the talk of the town in Overwatch. While there have been a few variations of the 3/3 comp since its inception, the basic idea of the

Overwatch League Trading Cards Announced by Upper Deck

Trading cards developer and entertainment collectibles company Upper Deck has announced a set of Overwatch League Trading Cards, which is the first-ever esports league-licensed trading card product.

overwatch league replays

Overwatch League replays will soon be available for anyone to watch. The Overwatch League is Blizzard Entertainment's Esports league for their premier first-person shooter Overwatch. Like many

nate nanzer overwatch league epic games

Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer has announced that he is leaving his position at Blizzard Entertainment to take on a new role at Epic Games. The announcement was made in the lead up to

overwatch skins in the game

A new competition from Blizzard is heating up in Overwatch! The Overwatch Skins In The Game competition allows players to earn points for their favorite Overwatch League team by repping the hero