Yakuza 6

With the release of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on PC and Xbox One tomorrow, fans of Kiryu Kazuma’s wild saga that weren’t PlayStation faithful will finally have a chance to experience the epic

Guilty Gear Strive

This past weekend, Arc System Works ran its first open beta for Guilty Gear Strive. Along with giving the general public the first sampling of this revamped fighter, it was a proof of concept for the

Nioh 2

Update: Nioh 2's day-one update did fix the issue with 120 fps not working properly, but it's kind of a half measure. You can select the option and get 120 fps, but only sometimes. The game is very

Yakuza 3 Remastered PC

When Microsoft announced that the Yakuza series was finally coming to Xbox in late 2019, fans were elated. Typically regarded as a PlayStation exclusive (despite actually releasing on the Wii U in

Mass Effect Andromeda

This year's N7 Day came and went, as it does every year. Once again, fans of the beloved Mass Effect series continued their tradition of remembering the iconic characters and thrilling moments of the

Mass Effect Characters Hero Shot

Unofficial fanboy holidays are really just marketing gimmicks for products we love, but it does say something about the recognition of brands and icons that they are embraced by the fandom. This is

star wars squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons, or the flight simulator game that Star Wars fans have dreamed of for decades, has proven to be a surprisingly enjoyable and immersive interpretation of Star Wars space combat.

Kain Highwind Character Select

Moral ambiguity is incredibly difficult to pull off in video games. It is a medium that prioritizes heroic protagonists by nature of the player’s role as them; it's always easier to shape your

Overwatch News Moira

Of all the updates to ever grace Overwatch, the 2/2/2 role queue patch may be the most impactful to date. While it is currently only live on the PTR, the update should be active on all platforms by