Mass Effect Mud Skipper N7 Art

BioWare Confirms a New Mass Effect Game in Development


Today is the unofficial holiday of N7 Day, and for fans of BioWare's popular space opera RPG Mass Effect, it is a day that is often fueled by mixed emotions. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Key Art

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Finally Confirmed, Coming 2021


After months of rumors and speculation, it looks like Mass Effect is finally making a comeback with an all-new remaster of the series with the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Techraptor News Byte

TechRaptor News Byte 8/22/20


Welcome to the first episode of the Techraptor News Byte.

Ghost of Tsushima Lethal Difficulty Patch 1.05 update cover

Ghost of Tsushima 'Lethal Difficulty' Debuts in Patch 1.05


Ghost of Tsushima Lethal Difficulty has debuted in the latest patch for Sucker Punch's newest game.

Ghost of Tsushima Japan sales cover

Ghost of Tsushima is Selling Out in Japan


The lucky folks who are playing Sucker Punch's latest release of Ghost of Tsushima are generally enjoying their time with the game, but Japan's appreciation for this new title is on a whol

Indivisible, Ubisoft

Last Week in Gaming - July 19, 2020 Edition


While a pre-recorded Ubisoft Forward showcased upcoming Ubisoft games, Ubisoft’s top executives faced allegations of sexual misconduct.

Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist Jin stands in a field of wheat

Ghost Of Tsushima Load Times Were So Fast, Devs Slowed Them Down


Recently-released samurai sandbox Ghost of Tsushima originally featured loading times so quick that it was impossible to read loading screen tips.

Pokemon Go Jessie James Team Rocket, Donkey Kong Country

Last Week in Gaming - July 12, 2020 Edition


More gaming events get ready to launch online in the face of COVID-19. Ubisoft Forward revealed their game line-up days before its showcase today.

EVO 2020 Online, Fallout TV

Last Week in Gaming - July 5, 2020 Edition


Days before EVO 2020 was scheduled to take place online, the event’s co-founder Joey Cuellar was accused of sexual abuse.

Min Min Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Last Week in Gaming - June 28, 2020 Edition


Though last week showcased more gaming events, it wasn’t just new games getting announcements.