A player launching into the air in FIFA 22

EA is to allow players to preview the contents of certain loot boxes in FIFA 22. Preview Packs will let you see what's inside before you pick them up, and they'll be available at launch in the new

pokemon go fest 2021

Niantic and the Pokémon GO Team have just laid another annual Pokémon GO Fest to rest. Much like the 2020 event, players all over the world were able to participate no matter where they are located.

A plague doctor-type character silhouetted in the new Amazon MMO New World

Amazon's upcoming MMO is under fire for perceived pay-to-win options in its storefront. Players are concerned that New World microtransactions could ruin the feel of the game, causing the developer

The Doomicorn cosmetic pack in Doom Eternal

Two new cosmetic skin packs for Doom Eternal have just been released, despite id Software's assurances that the game would never have paid cosmetic DLC. The Doomicorn Pack and the Series One Cosmetic

Destiny 2 microtransactions cover

Destiny 2 microtransactions are going to be changing for the better in Year 4. That's not all, though — some cool new cosmetic features are also on the way! Bungie's latest weekly update has the

ESRB loot box ratings cover

ESRB loot box ratings will soon start appearing on games reviewed by America's independent game ratings organization. This new ESRB rating will now make it easier for purchasers (and parents) to know

Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass cover

The Teamfight Tactics Galaxies Pass is going to be leaving beta soon, finally debuting a Battle Pass for this League of Legends auto chess analogue. If you haven't been keeping up with Teamfight

Temtem Skullface

With Pokemon-like MMO Temtem revealing its roadmap showing player housing, trading spots, new islands and more throughout the year. Studio Crema took time to focus on their upcoming plans for

Marvel Crisis Protocol, Dreams, Animal Crossing New Horizons

The outbreak of coronavirus, or COVID-19, continues to have a global impact, including on the video game industry. It has caused cancellations in events like PAX East and GDC, but also led to the