Brave Dome Dwellers!

There are so many post-apocalypse stories set in the near and far future but not in the past. Looking back through history, there are quite a few moments to pick from where things could have

Edge of the portrait!

It’s thanks to series like Final Fantasy that we have such hard to discern time periods. When you have characters wearing medieval armor and using medieval weapons while flying on a spaceship, you


The more normal and complacent everything seems, the more extreme it feels when madness descends upon it. In the case of Fluxscopic Ltd., they have decided to bring it crashing down onto a small,

Nice cover art, right?

Making a good game is one of the hardest things anyone can do. However, if there’s one thing that we ask, a game should be what it says it’ll be. A horror game should be scary, a comedy game should

The Xbox Game Pass February 2021 lineup

Seven new games are on their way to Xbox Game Pass this month. As ever, the games will be playable on a mixture of Android cloud streaming, Xbox consoles, and PC, with a couple available on all three

Some of the games available via Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass service now has 18 million subscribers. The milestone comes as part of what seems to have been a pretty good year for Microsoft, according to a recent quarterly earnings

A close-up of a Microsoft Xbox Elite controller

Microsoft has called for a lawsuit over Xbox controller drift to be resolved out of the courtroom. The Redmond tech giant wants the Washington Court to compel arbitration, arguing that the lawsuit's

A plane flying over Japan in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator update

During today's Xbox Tokyo Game Show presentation, Microsoft revealed details regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator's first major update. It'll be themed around Japan and will be free DLC for all

The main artwork for Xbox All Access

Microsoft has revealed details regarding next-gen consoles and its Xbox All Access service. When the consoles launch, you'll be able to get an Xbox Series X or Series S with 24 months of Xbox Game