Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match Review

Toss around the pig skin (at least, we HOPE it's pig skin) down in the dungeons with us as we review Dungeon Bowl Death Match, the latest supplement for the Warhammer football crawler.

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Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match and Spike 2022 Almanac laid out on a table

For some, there's no better feeling than the breeze in your hair as you line up on the fifty yard line, taking in the crowds before the first play of a game of football. For fans of Dungeon Bowl, they prefer the dank stench of dark and dismal dungeons. To each their own! In Dungeon Bowl, an off-shoot of Games Workshop's popular Blood Bowl, the classic game of American Football-meets-high fantasy is turned into a dungeon crawler (still following?), and we got a chance to check out Death Match, a brand new gaming supplement for Dungeon Bowl up for preorder Saturday November 26th.

What's Included In Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match?

Included in Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match is everything players need to sport two new teams and play "the 2494 Final" - a pivotal game between the College of Life and the College of Death. Included are sprues to create 12 miniatures in green plastic to represent the College of Life, sprues to build 13 miniatures in bone-colored plastic to create the College of Death, one wandering werewolf miniature, seven double-sided tiles themed around each of the two colleges and additional dungeon door tiles, and the rulebook.

The contents of Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match painted by Games Workshop
Everything included in Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match (minis come unassembled)

Inside the rulebook for Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match players can find the builds for each team, including the player stats, their point costs, and more. You'll also find special rules relevant to this gaming supplement, including instructions on how to set up the board for this famed match, special rules for all of the tiles, rules for taking on special sponsors for the game (who offer small benefits and change the rules slightly), and lots and lots of lore.

From a faux advice column to highlights from the Dungeon Bowl season, the rulebook is mostly lore and lighthearted tidbits, but it makes for a fantastic read. This is what I love so much from the Blood Bowl family of games, while Age of Sigmar represents high heroic fantasy, and 40K is as grimdark as you can get, Blood Bowl and Dungeon Bowl take themselves much less seriously, and the personality of the game and its designers really shines through.

Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match College of Life Sprues unassembled
The sprues for the College of Life, assembly requires snippers and glue - but they're relatively easy to put together.

The miniatures included in the Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match box are also full of that signature personality. There's a zombie in the college of death who's upper torso is made of a scarecrow (including a pumpkin head), and wrapped mummy monstrosities and Frankenstein's Monster-style ghouls battle alongside other shambling dead on the College of Death team. For the College of Life, halflings and wood elves join forces to trek their way through the dungeon. The wood elves are graceful, elegant, and war imposing helmets, while the halfings wear pots and pans on their heads, and carry small woodland creatures in their pockets. Whether grisly or enchanting, both sides are utterly charming.

Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match College of Death sprues unassembled
College of Death sprues, I love this bone-colored plastic!

Warhammer Blood Bowl Spike! Presents: 2022 Almanac!

Also up for preorder this week alongside Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match is the Blood Bowl Spike! Presents: 2022 Almanac! This hardcover book collects the information contained in two smaller softback releases for Blood Bowl that came out this year, which had rules for the Norse team and the Amazon team. There's also details on new star players, and - again - loads of great lore.

Pages from the Blood Bowl Spike 2022 Almanac
One of the star players of Blood Bowl featured in Spike! 2022 Almanac

What Are Our Final Thoughts On Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match?

Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match really does a great job of expanding and continuing to support Dungeon Bowl. I think this release was likely a surprise for some players, who thought Dungeon Bowl was a fun but light one-off board game-style release from Games Workshop. But this new gaming supplement not only adds two entirely new teams to the game, it also spins the rules in exciting new ways. I'm thrilled with how much is jammed into this shallow little box, and so happy to see Games Workshop continue to support one of their most exciting "side titles."

If you already own Dungeon Bowl and are looking to expand your collection and try out new matches, you should definitely check out Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match. But remember, you need the base game of Dungeon Bowl to be able to play this, as it contains many of the necessary materials (and rules!) needed to play.

The copy of Warhammer Dungeon Bowl Death Match and Spike! Presents 2022 Almanac used in the creation of this review were provided by Games Workshop.

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