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So. Many. Miniatures!!! We dive into all the latest releases from A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

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A Song Of Ice And Fire Tabletop Miniatures Game

The winds of winter are fast approaching (err... we mean, of course, in the real world, not in the world of A Song Of Ice And Fire) and with it new releases for A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game by CMON. Asmodee was kind enough to send us a huge assortment of new units released for various armies in the game, and we're taking a quick look at these November 2021, December 2021, and January 2022 releases.

To learn more about the game and how it plays, dive into our Start Collecting article here, or if you'd like to zoom in on how the Baratheon army plays, you can read the preview of their starter set here. But now, let's jump into these awesome new releases.

A Song Of Ice And Fire New Releases

House Stark: Mormont Bruisers

A Song Of Ice And Fire Mormont Bruisers
A Song Of Ice And Fire Mormont Bruisers gain bonuses as their numbers decrease.

Armed with their terrifying mace and spike, this unit of House Mormont Bruisers are adept at locking in on opposing forces on the battlefield and hunkering down for a fight. As their ranks are depleted, they gain a choice of bonuses to their attack. And with their Counterstrike ability, each time they're attacked with a melee attack the opposing attacker suffers 1 hit per miss. I love the look of these bearded, menacing bruisers and think they slot in nicely to any Stark force that needs a unit that can whittle down forces.

House Stark: Karstark Spearmen

A Song Of Ice And Fire Karstark Spearmen
A Song Of Ice And Fire Karstark Spearmen ignore penalties when attacked from flank and rear.

With shields locked in place and spears at the ready, the Karstark Spearmen are a sturdy force for House Stark. Along with gaining a +2 bonus to their Defense Dice rolls if they haven't performed an action yet this round, they also use their shields to ignore enemy bonuses gained from Charge, Flank, or Rear attacks. This makes them sturdy defenders, well-positioned to guard objectives or screen off enemy forces. Special note should truly be paid to the sculpts on these models, who sport tufted fur cloaks that scream personality and would look amazing painted.

House Greyjoy: Ironborn Bowmen, House Harlaw Reapers, and Ironborn Reavers

A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy Units
A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy Units previously included in the Greyjoy Starter set.

These three powerful forces were all previously available only in the Greyjoy Starter Set (for more info, see our coverage of the Greyjoy Starter Set here). Now, each unit gets their own release to further bolster the ranks. The Ironborn Bowmen bring some much-needed ranged offense to Greyjoy forces, and gain a bonus for attacking an opponent's flank or rear. The House Harlaw Reapers, fueled by the "Pillage Token" mechanic the Greyjoy forces utilize, hits on a dice roll of 3 or higher, and gains bonuses when opponents fail panic tests.

Finally, the Ironborn Reavers are classic rank and flank soldiers for the Greyjoy army, gaining a bonus to hit when they acquire pillage tokens. As mentioned above, these units were all included in the base set, but it's nice to see them spun out individually to further customize your Greyjoy forces.

House Greyjoy: Blacktyde Chosen, Greyjoy Heroes 2, and Silenced Men

A Song Of Ice And Fire New Greyjoy Units
A Song Of Ice And Fire Greyjoy Units add their own particular brand of terror and savagery to the game.

The Blacktyde Chosen are a great choice for Greyjoy armies looking for a bit of heft to their forces. Attacking on a 3+ and Defending on a 4+, they also restore 1 Wound each time they pass a Morale Test. This could lead to them being a dangerous force your opponents can't ignore, as they continue to block and add wounds back to their ranks with each attack.

The new slate of Greyjoy Heroes contains Asha Greyjoy, Tristifer Botley, Moqorro, Dagmer Cleftjaw, Beron Blacktyde, and Baelor Blacktyde. Each of these units can be used as an attachment to a Greyjoy force, and four can be used as Non-Combat Units. They each bring something unique to the table, with Asha helping forces gang up on enemies, Moqorro sacrificing wounds from its own attachment to restore wounds to another force, and Baelor gaining bonuses when ranks are full and lost, among others. Also included in this box are a new slew of tactics cards, further adding to the customization of your Greyjoy forces. All in all, these heroes all deserve a closer in-depth look, but for now I have to say I'm deeply impressed by the flexibility and range they can bring to a Greyjoy army.

The Silenced Men, a brand new Greyjoy force, bring an eerie stillness to the battlefield. Along with their high attack and bravery, they also inspire fear in their opponents, forcing them to suffer -1 to Morale Rolls for each Pillage token they've earned. Swift and nasty, these Silenced Men strike hard and leave a lasting impression on the battlefield.

House Targaryen: Targaryen Heroes 2

A Song Of Ice And Fire Targaryen Heroes 2
A Song Of Ice And Fire Targaryen Heroes 2 adds Khal Drogo's Bloodriders to the mix.

For the newest batch of Targaryen Heroes, we get Khal Drogo's Bloodriders, Haggo, Rakharo, Qotho, and Cohollo. Either played together as a unit of attackers or as individual characters added to other units, these Bloodriders hit hard and fast. They can panic their enemies with their War Cry order ability, and regain wounds when they slaughter enemy ranks. They're a fierce addition to your Targaryen army, and each separate Bloodrider when attached to another unit brings a useful ability to the game. Haggo, for instance, has a chance to survive a killing blow, while Qotho automatically intimidates enemy units he's engaged with.

Night's Watch: Ranger Vanguards

A Song Of Ice And Fire Ranger Vanguards
Take the black with A Song Of Ice And Fire Ranger Vanguard, who can swoop in and flank expertly.

This cavalry unit for the Night's Watch army is perfectly designed to outflank and outmaneuver your opponents. Along with triggered panic and Weakened in enemy units that they successfully charge from the flank or rear, they can also be held in reserve and deployed later for a devastating sweep. I love the look of these models as well, who feel truly in motion with their flowing capes rippling behind them.

House Lannister: Clegane Brigands

Savagery finds new meaning with A Song Of Ice And Fire Clegane Brigands
Savagery finds new meaning with A Song Of Ice And Fire Clegane Brigands

Another cavalry unit, the Brigands of House Clegane seek to maim and cripple their enemies with Vicious attacks, making their opponents suffer +1 Wound from failing Panic Tests. While they can move in and smash their opponents handily, they're - in the end - just a bunch of Brigands and not as loyal as other troops, and as such, their morale is much weaker than other forces. If you're building a brutal, smash and grab Lannister army, these Brigands would fit nicely. But if you're looking for sturdier forces to hold your lines, they may not be the right fit.

House Baratheon: Thorn Watch

Renly's Thorn Watch are a swift and nimble addition to A Song Of Ice And Fire
Renly's Thorn Watch are a swift and nimble addition to A Song Of Ice And Fire

Loyal to Renly Baratheon, the Thorn Watch are adept with their longswords, but truly shine as a mobile attack unit with their devastating crossbows. Along with their crossbows having the Sundering keyword (which penalizes the opponent's defensive save), they can also attack with longswords, retreat, and then regroup and regain some lost wounds. This makes them an incredibly mobile unit (aided by the fact that they can move an inch further than most units), and would be a snappy addition to your Baratheon army.

Free Folk: Frozen Shore Chariots

A Song Of Ice And Fire Frozen Shore Chariots
A Song Of Ice And Fire Frozen Shore Chariots charge the battlefield with ferocity

Finally, let's take a look at these incredible Chariot figures for the Free Folk army. This set comes with two chariots each with 6 hit points, and these are absolutely lethal on the battlefield. With the ability to quickly retreat when attacked, their mobility is hard to match in the current meta. Add to that the fact that they come in swinging hard, gaining Sundering, Vicious, and +1 hit when charging, and these models play as ferociously as they look on the table.

Our Final Thoughts On The Newest Releases For A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

There really are no duds in this batch of new releases for A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. Though some units may prove situationally useful for specific builds (like Clegane's Brigands, who really want to be in an super aggressive army), no matter what army you're running you're likely to find a unit or two here worth diving into. I'm especially impressed with the Greyjoy units, which round out this burgeoning force and could make them an army to seriously contend with in 2022. It's also really nice to see that these miniatures continue to be pre-built and based, so there's no set-up (unless you'd like to paint them). And the sculpts on all of these models are some of the best in the industry, hands down.

Should I buy these new releases from A Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game?

If you're looking to expand and further customize one of the armies from the starter sets of A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game, these new releases are going to have something you're looking for (especially if you're building a Greyjoy army). If you haven't bought one of the core sets yet, the items reviewed above won't work for you without the tokens, forces, cards, and more that come with each starter set.

All miniatures used in the creation of this review were provided by Asmodee.

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