Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game Review

Published: February 18, 2021 1:00 PM /


Pusheen Purrfect Pick Card Game

It's a bright and sunny day out, and you want to capture the perfect snapshot to remember the moment. All you need is your old friend Pusheen, that magical and enchanting Pusheenicorn, and a cupcake. But where did your friends go? And where's your cupcake? You'll have to do some serious searching if you want to get this once-in-a-lifetime picture before someone else does! Welcome to the bright, happy, purrfectly pleasant world of Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game.

Purrfect Pick, by Ravensburger, is a 2 to 5-player card game where players attempt to collect cards on the board in order to fill objective "snapshot" cards. These snapshot cards each have a point value on them, and each requires specific cards to claim them. Each turn, one player takes the Pusheen figure and places it on the board adjacent to 4 cards. These cards could be friends or items you need to fulfill your objectives, or they could be action cards that let you take a special ability, like drawing extra cards. Once you've got everything you need to score a snapshot card, you claim the card and score those points. The first player to reach 10 points wins the game.

Friends of Pusheen
Friends of Pusheen - These cards are necessary to fulfill specific objectives

This is a fast-paced, fun card game that serves as a very friendly introduction into hobby gaming. What really impresses me about this design is the layers of tactical consideration folded into the core concept of the game. Yes, it's all about collecting a set amount of cards, but it tasks players with thinking critically about which objective they want to go for. Do you want to score a lot of points in one snapshot card? Then you'll have to wait to collect all of the key item and friend cards you need. Do you want to move quickly on a low-scoring objective that doesn't require too many cards? That's fine, too, though you may find yourself putting effort into cards that just don't get you to the ten winning points fast enough. And then there's the fact that you can't claim a snapshot objective card while you work on it, so everyone could be going for the same set of resources.

This snapshot requires two friend cards to claim it
This snapshot requires two friend cards to claim it

As with so many of Ravensburger's releases, this game is gorgeous. The production value is really high on this one, with bright Pusheen illustrations on every card. I especially like the dual-sided game board, which shows Pusheen's house on one side, and backyard on the other (the sides don't affect gameplay, it's strictly aesthetic). The Pusheen figure included with the game has a satisfying heft to it, perfectly capturing the chonky little cat in three dimensions.

Look at this little chonker!
Look at this little chonker!

The Bottom Line

For a family game, Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game is asking just the right amount of its players. Your younger kids won't get overwhelmed with options, and your older kids won't feel bored with the gameplay. And there's just the right amount of luck involved (which I believe is crucial to balance in games geared toward younger kids). All in all the phrase for this game, for its whole look and its entire approach, is "bright and inviting." Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game is the light-weight family game your shelves have been missing, and will delight young gamers and Pusheen fanatics alike.

Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game retails for $19.99 MSRP.

Get This Game If:

  • You want a game to play with younger members of your family (The box says ages 8+)
  • You still want a bit of strategy in your family games
  • You go wild for Pusheen and all her friends

Avoid This Game If:

  • You're looking for a more complex game
  • You're more of a dog person

The copy of Pusheen The Cat: Purrfect Pick Card Game used in this review was provided by the publisher.


Review Summary

Pusheen Purrfect Pick offers up family fun with a fair bit of strategy. (Review Policy)
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