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The King Kong Monster Pack is playable with both King of New York and King of Tokyo but does require one of them to play. Check out our King of New York review here, and check back next month for our updated King of Tokyo review.

The monster pack contains the King Kong monster board and figure, and also the evolution cards for both King of New York and King of Tokyo. One of the evolution cards, which is extremely thematic, is "It was beauty who killed the beast," which brings into play a double sided card that gives King Kong an extra dice roll each turn if he has the card. However, if King Kong is dealt damage, the card is flipped over and given to the player who damaged him, and is only returned when King Kong damages that player in return. While this doesn't have a huge affect on the game, it is very in-keeping with Kong and adds a lot of fun into the game.

king kong monster pack 3
3 of the 8 available evolution cards for King Kong. The white bordered cards are for King of Tokyo, the black bordered cards are for King of New York.

The King Kong Monster Pack also adds a new win condition to New York and Tokyo in the Empire State Building and Tokyo Tower. Players can claim a part of the buildings by rolling four of the worst dice effects (4x One Victory Points in King of Tokyo and 4x Ouch! in King of New York), which offsets awful dice rolls. Do that three times (or more if other players are stealing building levels from you) and you win. It's actually a lot harder to achieve than it first appears, as with the awful dice rolls comes awful effects, which means the other monsters are progressing while you are not.

The King Kong Monster Pack isn't an essential purchase for either game, unless you're a fan of King Kong, then it becomes an absolute, as Kong is extremely thematic and great fun to play. The buildings add a nice effect and another dimension to think about as the game is going on, especially with larger groups of players, but only really for King of New York/King of Tokyo super-fans. For the Kong monster and the buildings, it is great value.

It must be noted that to use the King Kong monster, unless you just want the monster card, you need the Power Up! pack for either game as this provides the evolution cards for the other monsters to enable you to use the evolution cards for King Kong.

king kong monster pack 2
The King Kong character board and stand up figure for King of Tokyo / King of New York and the reverse of the "Protected Beauty" card, "Captured Beauty," which is earned through King Kong's evolution cards.

The Bottom Line:

The King Kong Monster Pack is a great purchase for King Kong fans, as it's practically alive with theme, and also for players who want to add a little more dimension to King of New York / King of Tokyo, but it isn't an essential purchase if you're happy with the base games. It's only really a viable purchase if you have the Power Up! packs for either game as they are required to use King Kong's evolution cards.


Get this game if:

You want to add King Kong to your King of Tokyo / King of New York games.

You want to add another tactical layer with the Empire State Building / Tokyo Tower win condition.

You love King of Tokyo / King of New York and want every release to do with it.


Avoid this game if:

You don't own King of New York / King of Tokyo, which are required to use this expansion pack.

You're happy with the core games and don't need an additional monster or win condition.


This copy of the King Kong Monster Pack for King of New York/King of Tokyo used for this review was provided by CoiledSpring Games.

Review Summary


The King Kong Monster Pack is full of great Kong thematic feel and is a great addition to your games of King of New York and King of Tokyo. The Tokyo Tower / Empire State Building add another tactical layer to your games. Neither of the products are essential, but are great fun and add to the playability. To use Kong properly, you should own the Power Up expansion packs for the version you have.

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