Warsenal Kapsulo Precinct Wargaming Scenery Preview

Published: December 9, 2020 12:00 PM /


Warsenal Kapsulo Precinct

Warsenal produces a range of wargame scenery and their brand new line, the Infinity O-12 themed Kapsulo range fits right in with our recent coverage of Infinity Operation Wildfire and the O-12 Starmada Sectorial. In this article, we'll look at some of the pieces from the Kapsulo range, talk about their construction and use on the tabletop.

We usually spray base coat any scenery we show, so we can see how it takes paint, but the weather here has been less than suitable for over a month. We will update this article with base coated images when the weather improves.


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Warsenal Kapsulo Range
Warsenal MDF senery comes flat packed.

Warsenal have a few pieces in the Kapsulo line, we were sent the REM Garage and Kapsulo Scatter. The REM Garage is a scenery piece designed to fit Infinity Remotes, which are small semi-autonomous vehicle like units. The scatter terrain features 16 pieces of computer equipment to place throughout your games, giving cover to units as they move around inside and outside buildings.

Warsenal Kapsulo Scatter.

Kapsulo Satter Terrain

Warsenal Kapsulo Scatter.

The Kapsulo Scatter comes with 5 MDF boards and 2 plastic extra detail sprues. You can see the laser-cut detail on the pieces on the boards, before even starting to put the pieces together.

Warsenal Kapsulo Processor Banks.

The Kapsulo Processor Banks are large standing scenery pieces that give complete cover to most units. They come up to shoulder height on the huge O-12 Zeta TAG. The Processor Banks even have a removeable piece that's perfect for a collection objective scenario. The removeable piece sits firmly, even halfway out, so even works well as a marker for a capture objective, pushing the piece fully in when captured by a team.

You can clearly see all the laser-cut details on the pieces, that when painted, will allow any washes into the receases for easy and effective shading.

Warsenal Kapsulo Data Jacks.

The Kapsulo Data Jacks are about half the size of the Processor Banks, which is still enough to block line of sight to most units, and partial cover to large units. These look great thrown in amongst the Processor Banks to give a range of different sized cover to move between, or for a more open objective piece.


Warsenal Kapsulo Terminals.

The Kapsulo Terminals are incredible terrain pieces. They come with a clear plastic piece for the centre of the terminal, which can be painted as normal, or left for extra contrast. There are also plastic keyboards and monitors with pre-aded detail. The keyboards have individual lettered keys, and the display monitors all show different levels of use on their screens, so no screen is the same. It's a fantastic level of detail that Warsenal have gone to with such a small piece. It shows a level of care and interest that's great to see.

Warsenal Kapsulo Coffers.

The Kapsulo Coffers are 4 crates that come on a pallet. The pallet has some smaller runners underneath to raise it off the ground slightly. The Coffers are solid MDF as small squares are stacked up to form each piece. They come with a black plastic top that can be added unpainted to keep its shine.


Multiple Coffers can be stacked to create walls, or used as capture objectives, with a value for each. We didn't glue the plastic tops to ours so that we can put a token on the underside for random values or secret objectives.

Warsenal Kapsulo REM Garage.

Kapsulo REM Garage

The Kapsulo REM Garage is a terrain piece designed for small vehicles. It comes on 3 large MDF boards. The Scatter pieces can be put together with minimal gluing, but the REM Garage will need some PVA glue for construction.

Warsenal Kapsulo REM Garage.

Once together, the REM Garge features a removable roof with ladder that can be used on either side, a removable door and an extra piece of scenery that can be used as detail for the roof or inside, or a charing point for REMS. The ramp is also removable for easy transportation.

Warsenal Kapsulo REM Garage.

The Kapsulo REM Garage is a lare piecce of terrain that even TAGs get cover from, and REMs and most infantry units can fit inside, making it a great piece to battle over. The removeable roof means that the battle can head inside, with the removable door for controlled cover, which could even be operated through one of the Kapsulo Terminals.

The Kapsulo range has an Infinity O-12 theme to it, but it fits within any Infinity or Cyberpunk battlefield. The different sizes of scatter, as well as the different options for each as objective pieces will really take your battlefield to the next level. Warsenal have added some incredible detail and options throughout the range.


As soon as the weather improves, we'll update this article with details of how well Warsenal's MDF takes a spray undercoat. But you can see in the image below how awesome they look when painted.

Warsenal Kapsulo REM Garage.
Warsenal Kapsulo REM Garage (Source: Warsenal).

The copies of the Warsenal Kapsuolo Scenery Range used to create this preview were provided by Warsenal.


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