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The second warband expansions for Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault have been released. Mollog's Mob and the Godsworn Hunt give players access to another Chaos warband, with numbers, combat abilities and a hint of magic and a Destruction warband built around one incredible unit and some supports. Both expansions include the miniatures for the warband, their unit cards, cards specific for the warbands, and also universal cards that can be used by any warbands. In this article we're going to look at both new warbands and some of our favorite cards from both expansions.

Both expansions require a copy of either Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire or Warhammer Underworlds Nightvault to play, but if you want to play Warhammer Underworlds competitively, then you will also want to look at picking up all the previous Warhammer Underworlds warbands. For full details of how Warhammer Underworlds works, check out the reviews linked above.


Mollog's Mob

mollogs mob 2
Mollog's Mob.

Mollog's Mob are an interesting warband for Warhammer Underworlds. It contains Mollog, a troggoth who is the single best fighter released so far. Mollog has seven wounds, and can move and charge in the same phase. Mollog inspires after taking three wounds and is then able to charge twice in single turn. Mollog has two attacks, one at range two for three damage and another that can damage all adjacent fighters for two damage. The three other fighters in the warband are a strange bunch. They all inspire when Mollog has three wound counters and none of them can hold objectives, giving the warband a very direct style of play. They are all low impact fighters, but they all have their uses, which can depend on the cards you add to your deck.

mollogs mob 4
Mollog's Mob unit cards.

mollogs mob 5
Mollog's Mob's cards from the warband expansion.


Our favorite Mollog's Mob cards from the warband expansion are, Earn Your Keep, Is It Asleep?, Flit, Hobble, There The Whole Time, Jabbertoad and Rooted to the Spot.

  • Earn Your Keep is an objective card that you can score if you take an enemy fighter out with anyone other than Mollog. The other fighters are able to pick off weaker enemies, so it's a great score immediately objective.
  • Is It Asleep? is an interesting objective because you can score it even if Mollog has been taken out of action. So it can be useful for late game if your opponent has focused on taking Mollog out. But it can also reward you for those turns when you can activate your other fighters fully and don't need to use Mollog, which is rare, but feels very thematic.
  • Flit is a great free movement for the Bat Squig. Three free hexes followed by a four square charge is very threatening.
  • Hobble gives you a chance to pin an opposing fighter beside the Stalasquig for a turn, which can be incredibly useful early game to hamper an opponent's plan.
  • There the Whole Time can return a Stalasquig that has been taken out of action to a empty hex. There's only a chance of it happening, but if it pays off, can be very threatening to an opponent.
  • Jabbertoad is a one shot upgrade attack for Mollog that has range three and three dice. If a crit is rolled it also gives the attack Knockback 2. The Mollog miniature is holding the toad, so it feels very thematic for the card.
  • Rooted to the spot allows the Stalasquig to hold objectives, which feels very in-keeping, but difficult to build your deck around the possibility of drawing the upgrade card. It would be surprising to find an objective Mollog deck and could very well disrupt your opponent's play.
mollogs mob 6
Universal cards from the Mollog's Mob warband expansion.

The universal cards from the Mollog's Mob warbands expansion that we like the most are, Fearful Visage, Grievous Riposte, Taunting Challenge and Bag of Tricks.

  • Fearful Visage is a great defensive card disrupting the high dice fighters than can challenge your prime fighters.
  • Grievous Riposte is a great card if you're good at rolling crits as you can damage your opponent back for two damage. You can keep hold of it in your hand until your opponent fails and you roll that crit in defense.
  • Taunting Challenge is very thematic and can either unispire a fighter, or force them to attack a different fighter. Only useful in warbands that have large amounts of fighters or fighters that stick together in groups as the card can only be used when two fighters are charged.
  • Bag of Tricks is an incredible card. Effectively letting you search for a card each turn if you have a fighter that you can lose a charge on. Objective decks will do very well with this, and large fighter count warbands as well.

Godsworn Hunt

mollogs mob 3
The Godsworn Hunt.

The Godsworn Hunt are a Chaos warband that have a little bit of everything. There are six fighters who all have some fighting capability and the leader Theddra has some magic casting ability. All of the fighters have four movement, some of which go up to five when they are inspired. Four of the fighters have three wounds and Ollo and Grawl both have two. Two of the fighters also have range three and they all inspire when given an upgrade. They are an interesting warband, threatening in combat and with numbers, but low wounds can mean they're easily taken out.


mollogs mob 7
Godsworn Hunt Unit Cards.

mollogs mob 8
Gosworn Hunt cards from the warband expansion.


Our favorite Godsworn Hunt cards from their warband expansion are, Glory or Damnation, Oath of Annihilation, Path to Glory, Brutal Sacrifice, Heel and Hunting Pack.

  • Glory or Damnation is one of my favourite thematic objective cards, earned if a surviving fighter has three upgrade cards. With the Godsworn Hunt's inspire condition, not spreading your upgrades around can be detrimental, but we still find the card awesome.
  • Oath of Annihilation is one of the new Oath Objective cards for the Hunt. They can be revealed at the start of the phase and an additional glory is earned if the condition is met. It's a very interesting concept and a great theme for the Hunt.
  • Path to Glory adds one wound and attack dice to a fighter, but can only be played if they have an upgrade already. This not only plays into Glory or Damnation, but is also a great bonus with the wounds and dice.
  • Brutal Sacrifice allows you to upgrade a fighter for free by removing a friendly fighter. This can be done with a fighter close to be taken out of combat, or early game to provide some direct threat to your opponent.
  • Heel allows Grawl to move up to eight squares as long as he ends his move next to Ollo, which is a incredible free movement that allows Grawl to rush up to support Ollo.
  • Hunting Pack can be a great use card allowing this high fighter count warband access to some possible bonus crits.
mollogs mob 9
The universal cards from the Godsworn Hunt warband.

The universal cards from the Godsworn Hunt warband expansions we've selected as our favorites are, Hoarder, Peerless Fighter, Incredible Leap, Razormaw Swarm, Arcane Savant, Blessing of Argetine, Regenerative Charm.

  • Hoarder is a challenging card. Having nine unspent glory is pretty insane and for only three glory points. But for a high glory earning warband this can send it soaring forwards.
  • Peerless Fighter is a ballsy card. Score immediately if you roll 2 crits in an attack roll for two glory. I know some players that can pull this off and we'd love to see this pay off in a game.
  • Incredible Leap can be a nasty surprise for your opponent when your fighter suddenly lands in front of a fighter they thought was safe, a great thematic play into the boards.
  • Razormaw Swarm can be devastating if you can get that crit. A possible six damage across three hexes.
  • Arcane Savant boosts a level 1 wizard to level 2. Making casting spells much easier, but adding higher casting cost spells to your deck relying on drawing this could be problematic, so keeping it as a boost rather than a necessity is better.
  • Blessing of Argentine allows you to give one damage back for attacks received. On a high wound fighter like Mollog this can really hurt your opponent.
  • Regenerative Charm can be great for keeping a fighter alive and can put pressure on your opponent to deal more damage to them.
The Nightvault Warbands have been incredible so far, keeping the meta fresh and changing. We're looking forward to the next warbands and where Games Workshop take Underworlds next.


Are you excited for the new warbands? Have you got them already? What are your favorite cards from the set? Have you built decks for the Mob or Hunt? Let us know in the comments below.

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