Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm Preview

In our Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm preview, we look at the contents, how the warband play, and the new cards included in the pack.

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Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm.

Warhammer Underworlds is a competitive skirmish wargame that combines board and card game elements. Set in Games Workshop's fantasy Warhammer Age of Sigmar setting, it launched its sixth season recently with a new starter set Nethermaze, which gets its next expansion with the Gorechosen of Dromm. In this article, we'll take a look at what's in the Warband pack, and our favorite cards from the expansion.

To use the product in this article, you'll need a copy of a Warhammer Underworlds starter set, and if you don't already have one, either Nethermaze, Harrowdeep, or the Warhammer Underworlds Two-Player Starter Set will work, but Nethermaze has the latest rules, boards, and tokens. For more details on Warhammer Underworlds, including how it plays and what a season is, check out our Warhammer Underworlds Nethermaze Preview.

Warhammer Underworlds Hexbane's Hunters. Dromm watches the blood flow.

Who Are the Gorechosen of Dromm?

Dromm, Wounder of Worlds, a high-ranking Slaughterpriest, the chosen of the blood god Khorne, has entered the Nethermaze to conduct a ritual aimed at poisoning the water for all.

The Gorechosen of Dromm expansion comes with the 3 miniatures that make up Dromm's crew, their stat cards, and a ready-to-play Rivals deck. It also comes with an additional set of cards that can be used with any warbands, to add to decks in the other game formats.

Warhammer Underworlds Hexbane's Hunters, each miniature in the set on full display.

Dromm 's Warband consists of only 3 fighters, similar to the early powerful 3 fighter Stormcast warbands. All 3 of the fighters have the Blood Tithe special rule, where they gain 1 counter after set up, and then gain further counters when they deal or are dealt damage. Once a fighter has 3 counters, they inspire. The Gorechosen are slow but hit hard and Dromm has a special action that can force friendly and enemy fighters to charge. Using it on enemy fighters means they can't be activated for the rest of the turn, forcing them into sub-optimal action sequences and into fights they might not want to be in

The Gorechosen power deck has several domains that restrict actions to keep fighters close, as well as cards that deal damage and help the Gorechosen get into combat. The upgrade cards help increase blood tithe counters, increase movement and provide additional reactive attacks.  The objective deck is based around dealing damage and having fighters with wound and charge counters, as well as stopping enemy fighters standing on objectives.

What Cards Do The Gorechosen of Dromm Have?

Cards used in playing Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm.

Our picks from Hexbane's Hunters Warband cards are:

  • Blood-Curdling Roar - A reaction that boosts the amount of Blood Tithe counters used. Can be used on a fighter with no Blood Tithe counters to still activate with 1.
  • Call of Blood - A 2 fighter, 1 hex push ploy that can be boosted to 2 with a Blood Tithe counter. Fighters must be pushed toward enemy fighters, but that's what you need.
  • Wrath Incarnate - An upgrade that increases its potency depending on the amount of Blood Tithe counters. Very powerful on all 3 fighters, if you can keep counters on them.
  • A Brutal Reckoning - A 1 glory score immediately objective when you take an enemy out of action. Your fighter has to have a Blood Thithe or a wound counter, but that's pretty standard.
  • A Worthy Offering - A 1 glory end phase objective if you have 2 or more Blood Tithe counters. With the amount of damage that should be going around, should be very simple to score.
  • Grimm Satisfaction - A 3 glory hybrid end phase objective. Four or more fighters have to have wound counters, which is your entire aim. Easy enough to do for 3 glory.
More cards used in Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm.

The Gorechosen of Dromm also includes 32 additional cards, 11 gambits, 11 upgrades, and 10 objectives. These include neutral cards that can be used by any warband, and a grand alliance restricted card for Order, Chaos, Death, and Destruction in each card type.

Our pick from the Gorechosen of Dromm additional cards are:

  • Defend! Defend! - A great Order ploy if used early round before your fighters activate, if they are surrounded by enemies. 2 guard tokens and a stagger for each adjacent enemy is very cost-effective.
  • Savage Slaughter - An easy Chaos 1 glory sore immediately objective if you take an enemy out of action with a Khorne, Beast, or fighter with no upgrades.
  • Merciless Bludgeon - A Death upgrade that gives range 1 attacks stagger, and boosts the reroll for those attacks by 1 dice.
  • Greedy Swing - A Destruction attack upgrade that has 1 range, and 2 fury for 2 damage and lets you draw a power card if you take an enemy out of action.
  • Hold Them Under - I love the thematic nature of this neutral ploy. Roll a number of dice for the number of friendly fighters around a target, dealing 1 for each smash rolled as they attempt to drown the fighter in the waters of the Nethermaze.
  • Open the Waking Gate - A neutral 3 glory score immediately if you have the Penumbral Lock gambit (from the Nethermaze Core Set) and a fighter with the Penumbral Key (from Hexbane's Hunters). It takes the fighter out of action, so be careful who you give the upgrade to. This objective takes some setup, but for 3 glory and the look on your opponent's face, it would be worth it.

The copy of Warhammer Underworlds Gorechosen of Dromm used to produce this preview were provided by Games Workshop.

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