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Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions is a Trading Card Game (TCG) from Playfusion, available in both physical and digital versions. Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions released in August and is currently preparing for the release of its first expansion, Onslaught which is set for release this month.

We've seen a few teasers already for some of the upcoming available cards and in this article we're proud to be able to exclusively reveal two brand new cards for the Destruction Grand Alliance. The first, is the leader of the Destruction Grand Alliance for Onslaught, the mighty Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar! Vorgrun is a very straight-forward champion, leading from the front and rewarding you whenever he plays an Ogor unit. In Onslaught, Vorgrun is leading his Beastclaw Riders forwards to war.


Vorgrun Loshar and his mighty Beastclaw Raiders ride to battle on the edge of the Everwinter, an unforgiving storm of razor-sharp ice that ravages any who become lost within. The Frostlord’s hunger for destruction is unparalleled, his nomadic tribe of ogors consuming all but the screams of those unfortunate enough to cross their path. Now, in his eternal hunt for the approval of the mighty Orruk warlord Gordrakk, Vorgrum Loshar finds himself drawn to the gates of Hammerhal Ghyra. The spirit of the Waaagh! spurring him on, calling for the destruction of all that stands in his way and in his victory finally earning a place at Gordrakk’s side.

PlayFusion have posted further lore about Onslaught on their page, along with some teasers about what will be included for the different Grand Alliances. For Destruction, we're very pleased to get our glimpse at Frostlord Vorgrun Loshar, an Ogor Destruction Champion. The full list of reveals so far can be view on their page here.


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Frostlord Vorgun Loshar, a TechRaptor Age of Sigmar Champions Onslaught Exclusive Reveal.



Vorgrun is a unique Destruction Champion, costing 9. He's a tempo powerhouse, dealing two damage to your opponent every time he deploys an Ogor unit. His last two rotations are for Ogor units, so pushing for a blessing with him early game will get some very good tempo. We're looking forward to seeing how he plays out with Ogor units, as including Vorgrun in your deck will need a solid amount of Ogor to really take advantage of his ability.

No Rest for the Wicked is our second exclusive reveal, a Death Blessing.



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No Rest for the Wicked, a TechRaptor Age of Sigmar Champions Onslaught Exclusive Reveal.


No Rest of the Wicked is a very good tempo Death Blessing. Being able to put back three spirits from your discard pile onto any of your champions is huge. If there are some spirits with stacking in Onslaught, this would be incredibly powerful. Timing it could be a challenge without stacking, as it could be wasted if all of your champions currently have units or spells deployed on them, but if timed well, especially late game, this could be an superb tempo piece.


We caught up with Jade, the PlayFusion Community Manager to talk about Destruction in Onslaught and she had the following to say:

'The Grand Alliance Destruction has branched out into two distinct factions with the introduction of the fearsome Ogors, a faction that focuses on using your cards in hand to the advantage as well as numerous Heroic Acts. The Ogors step into the fray with options for both Warrior and Wizard champions (as well a powerful Warrior-Wizard), and themed Spells, Abilities, and Blessings that interact with the Ogor Units and Champions.

Don't worry though, the original Orruks and Grots from the base set also get some love in Onslaught, with new cards that emphasize the stacking mechanic with new pay off cards that interact with stacks and supporting units.'

We've been covering Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions since it's release, starting with a booster box opening and game introduction, then a review of the Limited Edition Founders Pack and more recently with a deck discussion about Destruction's Aggro Orruks.

We're really looking forward to Onslaught, and the new deck options it will bring for Warhammer Age of Sigmar Champions. We'll be covering Onslaught as it releases, along with our deck choices and changes.


Have you been playing Age of Sigmar Champions? Do you play Digitally or Physically? Which Grand Alliance do you play? Are you looking forward to Onslaught? Which revealed card so far has been your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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