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In our Warhammer 40k Kill Team Nachmund preview, we take a look at the next exciting Kill Team expansion, including the new kill teams and warzone.

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Kill Team Nachmund

Kill Team Nachmund is the second expansion for Kill Team, and follows the same format as the first, Chalnath, introducing two brand new kill teams and kill zone. Nachmund features the traitorous Heretic Astartes, the Legionary kill team, fighting against the forces of the Aeldari space pirates of the Corsair Voidscarred kill team. In this article, we'll have a look at what's in the box, and talk about the two new kill teams and the new kill zone.

Kill Team is a skirmish wargame, set in Games Workshop's larger Warhammer 40,000 setting. As a skirmish game, Kill Team features a small number of elite troops, fighting special operations battles, rather than huge battles fought with entire armies. If you want to know more about Kill Team, you can check out our full guide here.

What Does Kill Team Nachmund Contain?

Kill Team Nachmund.

Kill Team Nachmund contains:

  • Kill Team Nachmund campaign book
  • Ten Aeldari Corsairs
  • Ten Chaos Space Marine Legionaries
  • Mechanicus scenery set and double-sided game board

Kill Team Nachmund is an expansion for Kill Team, which means that it's not playable straight out of the box, a copy of the Kill Team Core rules are required, as are some dice and measuring tools. If you have the Kill Team Starter Set or Octarius box, then it contains everything you need to start using Nachmund right away. You can purchase the items required to play separately, and they are all detailed in our Kill Team Guide.

Kill Team Nachmund.

What does the Kill Team Nachmund Campaign Book Add To Games?

The Nachmund campaign book is split into several chapters, the first, Warzone Nachmund - The Choraplex, details the lore and narrative of the Nachmund Gaunlet and the forces battling within it. The next chapter contains the background for Legionary and Corsair kill teams, along with narrative ideas and hooks to flesh out your kill team.

The core of the book are the datacards, abilities, special rules, ploys, and spec ops details for the two new kill teams included in the set, the Heretic Astartes Legionary and Aeldari Corsair Voidscarred. These are different kill teams to those previously presented in the Kill Team Compendium, and we look at both in detail below.

The book closes with Killzone: Nachmund and special rules for all the Mechanicus scenery in the box, rules like the Exhaust Vent, which creates cover through its fumes and can be shut off with the close vent action, or the Power Relay Substation, which can provide CP if interacted with. It also has a Shadow Operations: Nachmund Mission Pack, a series of nine narrative missions that make use of the Killzone: Nachmund scenery.

Kill Team Nachmund.

What are the Aeldari Corsair Voidscarred Kill Team Troop Choices?

Aeldari Corsairs are a unique and varied group from the usually strict Aeldari culture. Each kill team is made up of unique individuals, with their own reasons for taking up the pirate life or exploration and plunder seeking. Some return to their former lives after a time, but others take it up as a way of life, gaining reputation and eventually starting a reaveband of their own. On the tabletop the Voidscarred are fast, and each operative can make free dash move each turn.

Kill Team Nachmund.
  • Voidscarred Felarch - The leader of the Voidscarred kill team comes with two armament options. Either a shuriken pistol and rifle combo, which they can make more accurate with their Take Aim special rule, or the neuro disruptor with its stun ability that can remove action points from enemies. They also carry a lethal close combat power weapon regardless of their ranged choice to ramp up the critical hits in melee. Whenever they activate, they can also activate another nearby operative immediately after their action ends.
  • Voidscarred Warrior - The warrior is the basic core trooper of the Corsair kill team. They can be armed with a shuriken rifle, which they can make more accurate with the Take Aim special rule and shuriken pistol, or a shuriken pistol and power weapon. You're unlikely to take the basic warrior, as their roster can include all eight of the specialists below, but they do offer a good choice in ranged or melee options to fill any areas you wish to focus in.
  • Voidscarred Gunner - The gunner comes with an armament choice of a blaster, with armor-piercing, or the shredder, with blast. If you take a gunner, you can't take the heavy gunner, so the choice will be between the mobility of the gunner to move and shoot, of the devastating, but less mobile heavy.
  • Voidscarred Heavy Gunner - The heavy gunner can be armed with either a shuriken cannon, which can distribute its attacks across multiple nearby targets, or the high damage wraithcannon, which can tear through armor. Both are heavy and unwieldy, so can't complete a full move and fire, and require two action points to use. As mentioned above, you can only take a gunner or heavy, so your choice will come down to mobility.
  • Voidscarred Starstorm Duellist - The Starstorm Duellists are dual pistol-wielding warriors who can fire both pistols for one action point, and also target enemies within engagement range, which is usually restricted to melee weapons.
  • Voidscarred Kurnite Hunter - The Kurnite Hunters share the same stats as the Warriors, but are limited to the shuriken pistol and power weapon armament. But they come supported by a Faolchu, a winged creature that they can use to discover enemies hiding under the conceal order.
  • Voidscarred Shade Runner - Shade Runners can move about under the conceal order and use their special slicing attack with their lethal Hekatarii blades to attack from concealment against an enemy they move near.
  • Voidscarred Kurnathi - The Kurnathi are close combat experts, armed with dual melee power weapons, which gives them the ability to reroll any or all of their attack dice, to look for those 5+ lethal critical hits. They can also resolve an attack before their opponent to parry an incoming attack.
  • Voidscarred Fate Dealer - The Fate Dealer is armed with a ranger long rifle, which they can shoot from concealment. To make it even harder for your opponent to return accurate fire against them, their camo cloak allows them to retain an extra dice for cover.
  • Voidscarred Way Seeker - The Way Seeker can manifest from a list of four psychic powers. Lightning strike to target foes, warding shield to protect friendly operatives, freezing grasp to reduce an enemy's movement, and warp fold to switch positions with a friendly operative.
  • Voidscarred Soul Weaver - The Soul Weaver can heal nearby operatives' D3 wounds up to twice per turn, or they can give a nearby operative an additional action point at the cost of one of their own.
Kill Team Nachmund.

What are the Chaos Space Marine Legionary Kill Team Troop Choices?

The Chaos Space Marines or Heretic Astartes, Renegade Space Marines or Traitor Space Marines, are those that turned from the Emperor during the Horus Heresy, or during the time since, and spend their time roaming the galaxy, either as vessels to the dark gods or following the plans and ideals of those renegade to the imperium they once served. When selecting your operatives, they can gain one of four Marks of Chaos, either Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, or Tzeentch. Your Kill Team can include a mix, but as the chaos gods don't always agree on things, you can only mix Khorne or Slaanesh, with Nurgle or Tzeentch. Thes Marks of Chaos give the operates a related Chaos Blessing to their chosen god, and once per turning point, they can also use a Mark of Chaos strategic ploy for free.

Kill Team Nachmund.
  • Legionary Chosen - Legionary kill teams have a choice of two leaders to choose from. The Chosen option comes armed with a daemon blade, which does seven damage on a 5+ critical hit. They also heal two wounds of their own if they score a crit in combat, and to keep your target from running away if it survives, their daemonic aura reduces the movement of any enemies within engagement range when they fall back.
  • Legionary Aspiring Champion - The Aspiring Champion leader option can be armed with a power fist, power maul, power weapon, or tainted chainsword, depending on how you like your opponents to take damage. Whenever they take out an enemy, they gain an action point so they can continue fighting that turn.
  • Legionary Warrior - With only five operatives plus leader in a Legionary kill team, and with seven other operative choices, you're unlikely to take the basic warrior, but if you do, they can be armed with either a boltgun for range or a bolt pistol and chainsword combo if you want to get in close.
  • Legionary Gunner - The gunner comes with three weapon choices, the short-range flamer that can hit multiple targets, the short-range but incredibly powerful meltagun that can tear through armor, or a plasma gun for long-range armor-piercing options.
  • Legionary Heavy Gunner - The heavy gunner also has three weapon options, which offer a mix of number of attacks and damage. The heavy bolter has five attacks and does four damage, gaining armor-piercing on crits. The Reaper chaincannon has six attacks, does three damage, and can reroll any or all one's rolled. Or the missile launcher, with its choice of blast frag missile, or high damage dealing krak missile.
  • Legionary Icon Bearer - The icon bearer shares the stats and weapon options with the Warrior, but has a special ability that boosts their action point limit stat by one for the purpose of controlling objectives.
  • Legionary Anointed - The anointed are vessels for a demonic creature and begin the battle as a normal warrior, but armed with a demonic claw. Whenever they are activated, the daemon can be unleashed for the rest of the game, which gives them an additional 5+ save, two fight actions per turn, and allows them to reroll all ones in combat, with critical hits on a 5+, but stops them being able to complete mission actions.
  • Legionary Butcher - Butchers are armed with devastating double-handed chain axes that can deal mortal wounds to enemies near to their target and if the butcher charges, it allows them to reroll any or all of their attack dice. They also stop enemies from gaining support in combat against them and have a longer engagement range to stop enemies from moving around them.
  • Legionary Balefire Acolyte - Balefire Acolyte's are chaos sorcerers, and as such, can't have the Mark of Khorne. The other three chaos gods have no problem using psychic powers, and the Acolyte has access to three, Fireblast for an aggressive ranged option, Malign Influence, which boosts a visible operative's weapons, adding the lethal 5+, no cover, and brutal special rules to them. And finally, Life Siphon, which can damage an enemy, and heal D3 wounds to an operative nearby to the Acolyte. They are also still effective warriors, and their fell dagger has the daemonic energies special rule, which deals two mortal wounds on a critical hit in addition to the normal attack wounds. 
  • Legionary Shrivetalon - The Shrivetalon is a close combat warrior, armed with lethal flensing blades, and is always considered the attacker in combat. If they incapacitate an enemy, then a nearby enemy loses one from their action point limit. Once per game, they can also drop a Grisly Mark, which increases the APL for mission actions, and also reduces the APL of nearby enemies for controlling objectives.
Kill Team Nachmund.

What Mechanicus Scenery does Kill Team Nachmund Contain?

The Mechanics scenery set allows you to build:

  • One large ferratonic furnace
  • Two exhaust vents
  • Two hatches
  • Five freestanding pipes
  • One power relay substation
  • Two thermic plasma regulators
  • Two fuel reservoirs
  • Two toxic smog stacks
  • One crane

It also contains a single very durable, double-sided game board. All of the included scenery is used in the Shadow Operations: Nachmund Mission Pack narrative missions detailed in the back of the Nachmund book.


The copy of Kill Team Nachmund used to produce this preview was provided by Games Workshop.


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