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26 Flavors of Spray with TTCombat's new spray paint range.

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TTCombat's Spray Paints

TTCombat, the development company behind Carnevale, Rumbleslam, and Dropfleet/Dropzone Commander have just released their own spray paint range, which are perfect for priming your miniatures and scenery for any tabletop gaming range. In this article, we're going to showcase some of the new spray paints. We're going to show the spray paints on TTCombat's range of Carnevale miniatures, but the spray paints will work with any gaming companies products.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
TTCombat's Spray Paints come in 26 colors. The 24 in the image above, the core primers of black and white.

TTCombat's Spray Paints are available in 26 different colors. The core primers of black and white, 4 shades of blue, 5 shades of green, 5 shades of red through to yellow, 6 shades of brown through to bone, a grey and an offwhite flesh, and 2 silvers. In this article, we're going to look at 6 different colors, including:

  • Black Spectre
  • White Sphere
  • Saber Silver
  • Resistance Rust
  • Rashaar Turquoise
  • Capodecina Red
TTCombat Spray Paints.

The Guild in Carnevale are one of the factions featured in both the starter set and the intro set and their core colors feature stark reds and white. The Guild House of Virtue are a band of entertainers, assassins, and spies, using their appearance to disarm and distract their enemies. We wanted to make their colors really pop, so we sprayed them all in White Sphere so that all the colors that go on top have a bright base coat to build up from.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
Carnevale's House of Virtue pack sprayed with TTCombat's White Sphere spray paint.

The rest of The Guild are workers from around Venice, fishermen, dockhands, merchants, and all the working professions. We wanted the colors of the 4 Guild characters from the Escape from San Canciano to have slightly darker colors than the House of Virtue so that when they're side by side, the House are the miniatures that really stand out. So we sprayed the Fisherman, Gondolier, Arbalest, and Pilferer with Capodecina Red, as that will be our core color working up.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
Carnevale's Guild miniatures from Escape from San Canciano sprayed with TTCombat's Capodecina Red.

The Rashaar faction from Carnevale are very different from the Guild, and while they have some uniform colors throughout the units, they feature some wildly different types of characters.

TTCombat Spray Paints.

For our pack of Rashaar Dagon Fanatics, we used 3 different spray paints.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
Carnevale's Rashaar units from the Dagon Fanatics and Escape from San Canciano set sprayed with TTCombat's Black Spectre.

For the core human Rashaar units from the Dagon's Fanatics pack and Escape from San Canciano set, we wanted these to have a uniform feel to link the groups together, so we sprayed the 2 Enforcers, Handler and Officiant in Black Spectre, to give them all a dark base to build up from. We wanted a dark core, to make the brighter Turquoise to really stand out against when we start to pick out their armor.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
Carnevale's Dagon Fanatics Demagogue sprayed with TTCombat's Sabre Silver.

The Dagon Fanatics Demagogue is a fantastic miniature, and we wanted it to stand really shine against the darker paint scheme we have planned for the rest of the Rashaar, so we opted for Sabre Silver as the base coat. When we build up the skin color with thin coats on top of the silver, we want it to retain some of the shine and we'll probably leave most of the jewelry this color, building up from it.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
Carnevale's Rashaar Fanatics Urchins sprayed with TTCombat's Resistance Rust.

The two Urchins from the Dagon's Fanatics set are perfect to base with the Resistance Rust spray. Their robes are going to remain that color, and we want their skin to be a sickly color. It's the perfect color for the mud and rubbish from the dirtier sides of Venice's streets and sewers.

TTCombat Spray Paints.
The water creatures from Carnevale's Escape from San Canciano set sprayed with TTCombats Rashaar Turquoise.

The Lesser Rhyll and Hybrid from the Rashaar side of the Escape from San Canciano were made for the Rashaar Turquoise spray. It gives a light and potent green to build up to a purple-ish green for the skin of the water-based creatures. The Lesser Rhyll is almost all skin, so this solid foundation for the color makes it quick to finish up the miniature as well.

All 6 of the spray paints give a solid foundation of color to work from. All 6 dried in under 30 mins and all the photos included in this article were taken shortly after that drying period. The white spray photographs best, and you can see the clear detail picked out by the spray.

As it was the first time using the sprays, we gave them a good shake for at least 2 mins and all the paint came out clean, giving a solid base coat. Sable Silver required some extra shaking to get the mix good enough before applying to a miniature, so you should test it on some cardboard in order to check the consistency. Once right, it gives a strong metallic base coat.

We only used the paints on Carnevale miniatures, but they are suitable for any gaming miniatures in metal, resin, or plastic. If you want to know more about Carnevale, you can read our guide here and you can pick up the full range of TTCombat Spray Paints via their website.

The Carnevale Miniatures and TTCombat Spray Paints used to produce this preview were provided by TTCombat.


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