Time of Legends: Joan of Arc - Gen Con 2017

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Last year, at Gen Con 2016, we were blown away by Mythic Battles: Pantheon. The game had incredible miniatures that combined with great gameplay in such a way that it ended up being our team's unanimous choice for the best game of Gen Con 2016. That game, which was a collaboration between Monolith and Mythic games, went on to raise over $2.6million during its campaign. Mythic Games was back at Gen Con 2017, this time showing off a project that they are working on themselves, Time of Legends: Joan of Arc, and again their game stole the show for us. We managed to get some time with Leonidas Vesperini from Mythic Games during the show, and he told us all about the game and Mythic's plans for it.



While both games immediately grab your attention due to their awesome looking miniatures, Joan of Arc does so for entirely different reasons than Mythic Battles: Pantheon did. First and foremost, the scale is massively different. Joan of Arc is a 15mm scale game, so most of the miniatures are much smaller than you are used to seeing. Amazingly, even in hard plastic, these 15mm miniatures are still incredibly detailed. Mythic had some resin copies painted up, and they looked amazing, but they also had pictures of hard plastic miniatures painted up, and they looked incredible.

Joan of Arc Painted
It's hard to believe that this is a 15mm miniature. Image courtesy of Mythic Games.

On top of characters and monster minis, the game also features to-scale terrain miniatures, which makes the entire game pop on the table, and the whole thing is capped off with one of the most impressive dragon miniatures that we've ever seen. The dragon, which has a 22 inch wingspan, would dwarf most other miniatures, even in the more common 32mm scale, and it looks far more massive and impressive next to the 15mm minis.


Joan of Arc Dragon
The dragon is already impressive. The scale of the game makes it seem absolutely massive. Image courtesy of Mythic Games.

Ooohing and ahhhing over plastic can only take you so far if you don't have gameplay to back it up though, and Joan of Arc looks to be built on a solid and flexible system. It's a skirmish game with dice driven combat, but it combines some RPG elements and mashes up historical and fantastical settings in an interesting way. The fantasy creatures that are in the game are based around folklore and beliefs at the time, and so they feel almost natural in the setting. The game system is also structured in a way that will let you completely ignore the fantasy elements and play the game as more of a historical simulation.

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is going to be for 2 to 4 players and is planned to hit Kickstarter on October 10th, 2017, so keep an eye out if you want to pledge for a copy of the game. The core box is planned to go for $120 during the Kickstarter and will come with two exclusive miniatures that Mythic promises will never be available anywhere else. The awesome dragon is planned to be an add-on for $60, which took us by surprise. We figured Mythic would be asking far more for it considering the sheer size of it. Mythic has plans for many other expansions as well, including a Castle with siege rules, more buildings and terrain, more big creatures, a Role Playing game, a mass-battle expansion, and more.


Our own Brandon Bobal sat down with Julien from Mythic for a demo run-through of one of the scenarios that they had available on the show floor. This demo is just a small taste of the gameplay on offer in the game.



What do you think of Time of Legends: Joan of Arc? Are you as excited as we are for the Kickstarter? Let us know in the comments below.

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