Rumbleslam Triassic 5 and Ceneleon Preview

In our Rumbleslam Triassic 5 and Ceneleon Preview, we take a look at what the new team and wrestlers bring to the ring.

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Rumbleslam Triassic 5 and Ceneleon

Rumbleslam is a tabletop wrestling game by TTCombat. Players battle it out for dominance of the ring and the latest team, the Triassic 5 has come to bring glory to the Forest Soul casino. In this article, we're going to look at the new Triassic 5 pack and the Ceneleon superstar and see what they can offer to your team.

Rumbleslam Triassic 5.
The Triassic 5 come with two weight three wrestlers, one of which is a literal t-rex.

Triassic 5

The Triassic 5, as their name suggests, brings five new wrestlers to Rumbleslam. Two large weight three and three weight one wrestlers.

  • Gekko Firebreather - Gekko is an area of effect wrestler that has access to a turnbuckle attack, Firebomb, that can deal three damage to all wrestlers it ends in contact with, and a Flame Breath brawl attack that hits three squares in a straight line. Their skitter passive ability lets them move one square for free at the end of the round, positioning them for their attacks in the following round.
  • Axolotl Cutie - Is a support wrestler, able to heal nearby allies with their crowd-pleaser, and also deal damage to allies with their Super Tight Hub, but it boosts their action points, which can be used more attacks next turn. They also have a Love Lock attack, which heals their target but reduces their movement points and action points. They're protected by their Too Cute To Punch passive, which reduces their attacker's actions next turn for each damage cause, and two gold dice for DEX means they're a solid choice for activating first, to get some healing in before your opponent activates.
  • Pterodacrobat - Five action points means that the Pterodacrobat always has a busy round, and with the Flying Wing Smash rope attack, they can move from one side of the ring to the other. Their turnbuckle attack, the Shooting Star Slash has a range of seven and deals two damage to every wrestler moved over during the attack. Their crowd-pleaser lets them move to any space on the board next to another wrestler, causing a dazed roll to them, which can be followed by their passive skitter to move them away one square for free at the end of the round.
  • Stubby Dunker - Stubby is a mountain in every sense. Twelve stamina points and a two gold dice plus one defense, that can be re-rolled with their passive means that they're here to stay. They're slow, but their The Wall rope attack is a two gold plus one that can deal three damage to two enemies.
  • T-Flex - T-FLex is huge, a literal t-rex and their attacks show it. Two gold and one copper, as well as a three-dice defense. They're let down with a one copper grapple, but once per round, they can use their attack in place of it. Their rip and tear attack has a throw two built-in for some devastating attacks.

To coincide with the Triassic 5 release, their sister team, the Cold Bloods got their cards updated, which you can find for free in the Rumbleslam resources page here.

Rumbleslam Triassic 5.


The Ceneleon is The Forest Soul's new superstar, but you'll have trouble seeing them. They have solid stats across the board, a mix of silver and gold, with +1 to every stat. A shove three grapple and a two silver +2 four damage turnbuckle attack means they'll be an early target, but for one AP, the Ceneleon can turn invisible, which means they can only be targeted by live ammunition and rope attacks, and if they're invisible at the end of a round, they can move three for free.

The miniature for the Ceneleon is awesome, taking its obvious cues from a well-known wrestler, and if we don't get a clear resin event-exclusive Ceneleon soon, I'm going to flip some tables.

Rumbleslam Ceneleon.
We like the new Rumbleslam tarot-sized cards. They're a lot cleaner and clearer.

The miniatures for the Triassic 5 and Ceneleon are TTCombat's usual great quality, with minimal parts that arrive clean and require only a small amount of preparation before gluing. They also come with the new tarot-sized cards that Rumbleslam now uses, which feels a lot cleaner and clearer than the small standard cards.

As a devout Gomorrah player, the Triassic 5 have turned me towards nature. They're a lot of fun to play and while straightforward in their abilities, there are some nice combos to be had.

The Triassic 5 and Ceneleon Packs used to produce this preview were provided by TTCombat.


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