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I've always been fascinated by the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls of the Galaxy line of miniatures. While we've run quite a lot of coverage of the line over the past few years, I've never before had any hands on experience with the minis myself. I've always enjoyed window shopping the miniatures, but since I don't play any tabletop wargames (i.e. Warhammer etc) I haven't ever convinced myself to pull the trigger on the models. Recently though, Raging Heroes reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in taking a hands-on look at their new Inquisition Anger pack, and I jumped at the chance.

raging heroes heroe minis
Left to right: Heleria Drakenfeld with heavy weapon, Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess, Lieutenant Drakkan and Tarja, Yaga Soul-Weaver

The models in the anger pack include four hero minis: Tarja, Yaga Soul-Weaver, Heleria Drakenfeld, Lieutenant Drakkan and my personal favorite Zaraya, Pilgrim Priestess. The pack also includes to 5-women squads: KST Red Hammers Command and KST Red Hammers Troops, which I modified into a heavy support squad and a light scout squad.

raging heroes anger
This is the official shot of the Anger Pack minis directly from the Raging Heroes website.

All of the minis in the Anger Pack are resin, and I'm going to be completely up front and admit that I generally dislike working in resin. My problem with resin minis has nothing to do with the material nor the detail of the minis rather it's that I hate superglue. The detail on the Anger Pack minis is very good, and most of the models came with at least some customization options, especially the Red Hammers miniatures. There is quite a bit of flashing to trim on these minis, and the volume of options might be intimidating if you've never handled resin before, but for hobby gamers who are familiar with resin minis there is a lot to love about this set.

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As I said earlier I altered the Red Hammers into a heavy support squad and a light scout squad that I plan to use in my Starfinder campaign as representation of the assassin clone-women of the Simar Communion, so even though I haven't found the time yet I plan to put paint to many of these models in the near future. The detail on the minis should make them a joy to paint, and I'll probably end up painting the Zaraya miniature simply to display because I like that miniature so much.

raging heroes heavy squad
My heavy support squad geared up and ready to dish out some hurt.

All told I'm very impressed with the Inquisition Anger Pack. My own personal distaste for working with super glue aside, the minis were fun to build especially because I was able to customize them to my satisfaction. If you are in the market for some badass female troops for any of your tabletop hobbies then you should give the Raging Heroes minis some strong consideration.

raging heroes scout squad
My scout squad fully assembled and ready to lead the way in to battle. I especially like the commander of this squad's cigar.

If you are interested in picking up a set of these minis, the whole Inquisition line, or any of the other awesome minis (including fantasy miniatures) that Raging Heroes makes then head over to their website and check them out. There are a few other sets that had caught my eye in the past that are going on to my shortlist to pick up in the near future.

The copy of the Raging Heroes Inquisition Anger Pack used for this article was provided by Raging Heroes.

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