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Micro Art Studio District 5

We're big fans of Micro Art Studio's products here at TechRaptor. We covered their Kokkyo-3 range in normal MDF and also their pre-painted options. So when they asked if we wanted to look at their new pre-painted scenery range, District 5, we jumped at the chance. In this article, we're going to look at all 8 of the different pre-painted District 5 pieces.

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Micro Art Studio District 5 Pre-Painted.

Because we've got 8 different pieces to cover and to keep it as image light as possible, we're not going to go through the stage by stage for each piece, but we'll give a small introduction to how they go together here.

Each piece comes on a flat MDF board that needs to be popped out. A protective film is then rolled off each piece, showing the pre-painted detail underneath. The film rolls away easily and then peels off clean. The pieces slot together with edges that are designed to fit into specific holes. Some of these will need gluing, and we use a generic PVA glue for this, which works extremely well.

All of the District 5 scenery below is available in blue and red, and we picked up a mixture of both to give it a more eclectic feel, but you can buy all the items in the same color for a more uniform presentation.

MAS District 5 Guardhouse.

District 5 Guardhouse

The District 5 Guardhouse is a 2-story structure with a 4-sided defensive wall for the top. Both stories can be separated, and used as 2 single-story buildings, or combined with the other District 5 scenery to make multi-level, multilayered structures. It also comes with 4 strips of ladders, which can be broken down into smaller pieces and glued to the side of the building.

MAS District 5 Apartment 1.

District 5 Apartment 1

The District 5 Apartment 1 contains 3 rectangular buildings and a square building, along with a 3 sided roof wall, an out-house building, which can be used as an extra door into the buildings, and some decorative pieces to break up the liner walls.

The buildings can be stacked in any combination, either as 4 separate buildings, 1 large building, or any combination in between. It is also fully compatible with all other District 5 scenery.

MAS District 5 Apartment L.

District 5 Apartment L

The District 5 Apartment L is a single-story, L-shaped building. It comes with 4 strips of ladders, which can be broken down into smaller pieces and glued to the side of the building, and also a standalone ladder, that stands on its own base, which can also be used to support one side of the building if used in a multi-story structure.

MAS District 5 Shops 1.

District 5 Shops 1

The District 5 Shops 1, are 2-story buildings that come in 2 different styles. Both have a rectangular base and a square building for the second level. The first shop aligns the second story on one side, with a 3 sided roof wall on the other. The other shop has the second story sit centrally, with 2 smaller roof walls on either side. They also come with 2 out-house building, which can be used as extra doors into the buildings, or separate pieces of cover.

MAS District 5 Subway Entrance.

District 5 Subway Entrance

The District 5 Subway Entrances are the same as the Kokkyo-3 subway entrances, but with detail to match the District 5 area. They are great pieces of terrain with the entrance itself, and the top sign acting as cover. I really like the clean coloring on these. The crisp white against the yellow and blue looks great, that could just be the O-12 in me though.

MAS District 5 Food Booths.

District 5 Food Booths

The District 5 Food Booths come in 3 different designs. Solar Shakes, Cup Quakes and Mucho Macho Nacho in red, and King Dumplings, Jesus Organic Pizza, and Kebab Surpeme in blue. They are great, and thematic pieces of cover terrain, breaking up line of sight, but not taking up as much space as a building. The 6 different designs across the 3 sets is also a nice touch to aid immersion.

MAS District 5 Newsstands.

District 5 Newsstands

The District 5 Newsstands are large pieces of cover terrain that even the larger TAGs can gain cover from. All 3 have 3 unique sides featuring brands and celebrities from the Infinity world. Both the red and blues sets have their own unique adverts on the sides so that no 2 are the same between both sets.

MAS District 5 Containers.

District 5 Containers

The District 5 Containers are a set of 3 matching containers with 4 sides. Both red and blues sets featuring the same writing and logos. They are large pieces of cover, stackable to create tunnels and choke points in between buildings and other scenery.

District 5 Compatibility

MAS District 5.

With a full set of each District 5 product, you can create some awesome multi-level structures, or cover your battlefield with single and 2-story structures with the newsstands and containers between as scatter cover.

With multiple copies of the Apartments, you can create some incredible cyberpunk-esque cityscapes for your sci-fi or Infinity wargames to leap and jump across.

Micro Art Studio also have loads of other District 5 options, including scenery that you can paint yourself, along with District 5 walkways and staircases and walls.

If you want your tabletop to look awesome, and with minimal effort to get it that way, then the Micro Art Studios pre-painted lines are perfect. We put all 8 sets of the District 5 scenery together in a couple of hours, with minimal gluing. Once together, the pieces are durable for transport and storage. While we prefer the Kokkyo-3 lines aesthetic, I am a JSA player, after all, the District 5 products are perfect for any Infinity or Cyberpunk battlefied.

The District 5 products used to produce this preview were provided by Micro Art Studio.


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