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Marvel Crisis Protocol Vision / Winter Soldier Expansion

Marvel Crisis Protocol’s next heroes set for release are Vision and Winter Soldier (Bucky). It’s a very interesting pack thematically, as both were originally created/programmed to fight against the Avengers, but changed sides to fight with them. In MCP, teams can be created from a mix of heroes and villains, so they will fit on either side if you’re trying to keep your games narratively thematic.

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a miniatures skirmish game from Atomic Mass Games. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the upcoming releases of Vision/Winter Soldier. If you want to read more about Marvel Crisis Protocol, you can check read our Start Collecting First Look article on the Core Set here.

All of the miniatures in the expansion boxes, like those in the Core Set, need to be removed from the plastic sprues and assembled prior to playing. Atomic Mass Games have detailed instructions on their site, as well as tutorials for various hobby elements such as construction and painting of miniatures.

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Vision/Winter Soldier

The Vision/Winter Soldier expansion comes with a miniature for each, along with their stat cards, and 4 Team Tactics cards.

Vision is a powerful character, with options for stealing power and great defensive capabilities. Winter Soldier is a mid-level fighter with a long-ranged attack, capable of some great movement and constant threat for low damage to enemies.



Vision has movement Medium with Flight. Vision's basic attack is Solar Energy Beam that is range Beam 4 with Strength 5. It generates 1 power for Vision, and also removes a power from a target of the attack and gives it to Vision for each wild dice rolled. Removing power from an enemy can be a great control option, especially on the 0 cost attack. Their power attack costs 4, has range 3 and strength 7. It also blocks criticals from being used in defense, which really puts the numbers in Vision's favor for attacks.

If the 2 solid attack options aren't enough, Vision also comes with some great abilities. Calculated Trajectory allows them to move an interactive terrain feature or enemy character within range 2, Medium. Which is ideal for removing enemies off objectives, or just taking them out of position to benefit from support abilities, or into or out of range for your fighters. Vision's Phasing ability is set each Power Phase, and either adds 3 dice in defense against Physical or Energy and for 2 Power, Rapid Phase can be used to change the Phase state as a reaction to an enemy attack. This gives Vision great defensive options.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier has movement Medium and access to a short-range teleport ability that for 2 Power, can move them to within range 1 of an allied character who's within range 2. It's not once per turn, so if you have the power to pay the costs, Bucky can slingshot from allied character to allied character. Winter Soldier's basic attack, Assault Rifle, is the maximum range 5 and strength 4. It generates power per damage caused and can cause bleed on a wild. Their power attack, Red Fury, is a range 2, strength 7, that costs 4 power. Immediately after resolving Red Fury, it pushes the target back and then allows Bucky to make an immediate Assault Rifle attack.

To really put the pressure on your opponent, Winter Soldier's Got Your Back ability lets them make an Assault Rifle attack against an enemy character that dazes or KO's a friendly character. It costs 2 power and the only restriction is that the enemy needs to be in range 5 for the attack.

MCP Team Tactics Cards

4 unaffiliated Team Tactics cards are included in the Vision/Winter Soldier expansion.

  • Field Dressing can be used by a friendly character within range 2 to remove Dazed and a damage for 4 power.
  • Psychic Shielding Device lets characters add 1 to their defense against Mystic attacks and stops them from being advanced or pushed by Mystic attacks and powers. It has a range of 1 to 5, depending on the power cost spent, protecting all friendly characters within the bubble.
  • Tactical Analysis gives a Short movement boost to a character for 2 power.
  • Till The End by of the Line can be used by Winter Soldier and Captain America by spending 2 power each. It lets them combine their defense values against physical and energy attacks and stops them from being moved by enemy effects.

Both Vision and Winter Soldier bring some fantastic options to Marvel Crisis Protocol, Vision especially, simply for the control options. We expect to see them both used in a lot of teams.

Are you going to be picking up the new release? Will you be adding both to your team? Who’s your favorite hero so far? Let us know in the comments below.

The Marvel Crisis Protocol Character Vision/Winter Soldier Expansion Pack used to produce this preview was provided by Atomic Mass Games.

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