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Marvel Crisis Protocol Street Level Packs.

In the Core Box for Marvel Crisis Protocol, there were some high-level heroes. Ultron and Captain Marvel have insane power levels in the comics and the recent release of Thanos gives heroes a real challenge on the tabletop. But the Marvel Universe is filled with heroes of all levels and while some heroes are out saving the planet, others are more focused on specific areas. In the latest wave of MCP releases, players get access to Kingpin, Daredevil & Bullseye, and Punisher & Taskmaster. We're going to have a look at each pack and see if they can keep up with the rest of the MCP releases so far.

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Kingpin comes in a pack by himself because, well there's a lot of him. The miniature is solid, and has the presence on the tabletop that is expected of the character. 

Kingpin's pack comes with a miniature for Kingpin, his stat card, a Crisis card, the Crime Syndicate Affiliation card and 3 Team Tactics cards.

Kingpin has some reasonable attacks, including a ranged attack that ignores line of sight and cover, but his real strength comes from the Illicit Network, Criminal Syndicate Leadership ability. Each healthy affiliated character contesting an objective counts as 2, which can put some real pressure on your opponent in an objective game. Kingpin also has a superpower that lets him reduce damage received and a once per turn automatic throw superpower that works on enemies and terrain of size 3 or less.


Painted Kingpin (source: Atomic Mass Games).

Kingpin comes with 3 Team Tactics cards. All According To Plan is a Criminal Syndicate affiliated card that lets you take the priority token if you spend 10 power from affiliated characters. Shadow Organization is another Criminal Syndicate affiliated card and can be played by any number of affiliated characters during the power phase. They spend 2 power and it forces enemies to be within range 2 to target them. This can mean some hard choices for your opponent, who could already be making difficult choices contesting objectives. Hired Muscle is an unaffiliated card that for 1 power, allows you to move all civilian tokens within range 3 of a character range 2 away, handy for the Mayor Fisk Vows To Find Missing Witnesses, Criss card that also comes in the pack.

Daredevil and Bullseye.

Daredevil and Bullseye

Daredevil comes with his common enemy, Bullseye. Daredevil's miniature has a very intricate pose, with the cable connecting his baton's whirling around his body as he leaps from a gravestone. Bullseye simply calmly hides shurikens behind his back, while he jokingly aims his fingers in a handgun pose.

The Daredevil & Bullseye pack comes with miniatures for both, and 3 Team Tactics cards.


Daredevil comes in at 4 threat, and for good reason. He moves Long and has Wall Crawler to traverse terrain. He also has some great superpowers. Devil's Deliverance is a 5 power attack that's boosted by 2 attack dice for each non-dazed enemy within range 2. Man Without Fear allows Daredevil to attack enemies within range 2 who target him with attacks and Radar Sense adds blanks to successes against physical and energy attacks. When Daredevil flips to the damaged side, The Devil of Hell's Kitchen awakes and unlocks a superpower that for 2 power lets him perform an immediate attack at an enemy within range 2, which enables Daredevil to really unload on an enemy each round.

Daredevil and Bullseye.
Painted Daredevil and Bullseye (source: Atomic Mass Games).

Bullseye is a dedicated ranged attacker. His basic attack has range 4, strength 4, ignores cover and can give the Bleed condition on a Wild. Bullseye's super attack is a range 4, strength 5 that ignores cover, gives bleed, and is followed up by another range 4, strength 5 attack on the same target. Bullseye also has some abilities that let him consistently deal damage and keep him at range. I Never Miss lets Bullseye spend 1 power to do 1 damage after an attack that deals no damage and Parting Shot lets him spend 2 power to deal 1 damage after he's targeted by an attack and then move short away.


The pack also comes with 3 Team Tactics cards. Cruelty is a Crime Syndicate affiliated card that allows an affiliated character to spend 2 power after damaging an enemy with an attack, to make an additional range 5, strength 5 attack on the same enemy. Acute Senses lets a character ignore enemy stealth abilities and line of sight for an attack and Climbing Gear gives a character Wall Crawler and a free short move for 3 power.

Punisher and Taskmaster.

Punisher and Taskmaster

Punisher and Taskmaster come in a pack together to add some real martial punch to your squad. The Punisher miniature is packing a small arsenal of weapons and Taskmaster is in a very dynamic charging pose.

The Punisher & Taskmaster pack comes with miniatures for both, and 3 Team Tactics cards.

The Punisher is a hard-hitting ranged fighter. His basic attack is a double-tap range 3, strength 4 attack and his power attack is a range 5, strength 7 that gians pierce on a wild to remove an opponent's defenses, and gives stun and slow after successfully damaging an enemy. Punisher also gains punishment tokens whenever an allied character is Dazed or KO'd by an enemy. Punishment tokens can then be spent to boost attacks. And when you really need to bring the hurt, The Punisher can destroy terrain pieces with his War Zone superpower, which also damages nearby enemies.

Punisher and Taskmaster.
Painted Taskmaster and Punisher (source: Atomic Mass Games).

Taskmaster is a Rogue Agent, which allows him to count as an affiliated character during squad building.  His basic attack is a range 2, strength 5 attack or a range 4, strength 4 attack that ignores line of sight and cover and can ricochet onto another enemy withing range 3. His super attack, Mnemonic Technique boosts the attack by the opponent's physical defense as Taskmaster learns how best to fight against them. Taskmaster's also gets better if attacked multiple times each turn. He already adds blanks to successes on defense against physical and energy attacks, but if targeted again by the same character during a turn, he also boosts his defence by 2.  His Photographic Reflexes superpower allows him to damage an attacker after being targeted, with the retaliation attack being boosted if Taskmaster has already been targetted by that character that turn.


The pack also contains 3 unaffiliated Team Tactics cards. Heavy Ordnance lets characters fire a range 4, strength 6 attack for 2 power that also damages enemy characters within range 2 of the target. Blood Red and Personal lets the Punisher spend 4 power, to give a bonus VP for every enemy taken out during the round. Extreme Conditioning lets you boost a character's movement to Long for 2 power.


We're really looking forward to getting a Crime Syndicate on the tabletop when the final few members are released. Which of these characters are you going to be adding to your squad, or have you been buying them all so far?

These copies of the Marvel Crisis Protocol Kingpin, Daredevil & Bullseye, and Punisher & Taskmaster were provided by Atomic Mass Games.


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