Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged Preview

A new era of Malifaux dawns with the Malifaux Burns expansion. We take a quick look at the supplement, and the brand new Remade and Reforged set that comes out of it.

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Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged

Malifaux is a skirmish wargame, set in a dark gothic fantasy, alternative 1900s. A new era of Malifaux is dawning, and in the ongoing narrative, the Burning Man, a failed experiment, has arrived in Malifaux to wreak havoc. The latest book, Malifaux Burns contains details of the narrative and a huge amount of new profile cards. In this article, we'll take a quick look at the new book, and a new set, Remade and Reforged which has units straight out of the new supplement.

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Malifaux 3rd Edition.

Malifaux Burns

The Malifaux Burns book is the next stage in the ongoing narrative for the game world. The book is split into two parts, the first includes short stories, from the perspective of members of each faction around the arrival of the Burning Man. The second part includes ninety-four new unit cards and narrative details of those units. Many of these are duplicate cards for existing masters, who lead the various factions in Malifaux.

For those new to Malifaux, crews are built around keywords, and a unit sharing your crew's leader's keyword can be recruited, even from outside your faction. Recruiting other faction units that don't share your leader's keyword costs more. During play, players reveal the name of their leader at the start of the game and then build their crews knowing the name of their opponent's leader, letting them tailor their crew a little to combat that leader's playstyle. The new Master's cards in Malifaux Burns share the same name as their original cards, but with entirely new abilities, which means that your opponent won't know which version you're going to use, making things a little more tricky now when trying to combat a threat.

The book also includes some other new upcoming units for Malifaux, which will release alongside the Masters in upcoming boxes, like Remade and Reforged which we look at below.

Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged.

Remade and Reforged

The Malifaux Burns sets all contain two Masters and a linked Enforcer. Remade and Reforged contains a Guild/Arcanists master and an Outcasts master, along with an Outcasts Enforcer that shares both of their keywords so they can be used in either crew.

The Remade and Reforged Set contains:

  • Charles Hoffman Inventor (Augmented)
  • Von Shill Iron-Heart (Freikorps)
  • Metallurgist (Augmented/Freikorps)
Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged.

Charles Hoffman Inventor has a focus on Pylon Markers, which they create four of at the start of the game in your table half. These pylons can be used to boost nearby Augmented units by giving the shielded +1, which reduces incoming damage, and gives them a power token. Hoffman also has marker removal, with the ability to construct more pylons when markers are removed, and can detonate their pylons to create scrap markers and cause damage to nearby enemies. Nearby scrap tokens can then be converted into power tokens, which can be spent by Hoffman to boost tests.

Agressively, Hoffman has a twelve inch attack that has its damage boosted by nearby pylons, which also gives nearby friendly units a power token. It can also be used to target your own units in order to give nearby augmented units power tokens at the start of the game while your units are gathered together. Hoffman's basic attack has range two, and can move the target unit anywhere within two inches, and by discarding a power token, can give stunned and injured to everyone within two inches of them, letting you sling-shot an enemy and then prep nearby units for the rest of your force to engage.

Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged.

Von Shill Iron-Heart has some interesting play with equipment upgrades. They can pass off equipment upgrades to nearby Freikorps, gaining Von Shill shielded +1 in return. Then as a bonus action, they can heal a nearby friendly unit, give them focused and Von Shill can then attach a new equipment upgrade.

The Iron-Heart version also has armor +1, along with ignoring Terryfying, Manuplulative, and Stunned. As Soldnerkapitan, friendly Freikorps units can ignore negative modifers to fate when targetting units Iron-Heart is engaged with. These will see Von Shill doing some equipment exchanges early on to boost the crew, then charging into combat to use their shockwave attack.

Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged.

The Metallurgist has both the Augmented and Freikorps keywords so they can be included in both crews for their indicated cost. The Metallurgist is a support unit and has some synergy with both Hoffman and Von Shill from this pack. They can boost the armor on nearby unit for shockwave and blast effects, as well as completely ignoring shockwave effects themselves. They also gain Shielded +2 each turn and gain a power token if they're near a construct when they activate.

Their primary attack is low damage, but can move the target three inches, and also move themselves three inches if the opponent doesn't discard a card. They can command nearby  non-leader constructs to take an action, healing them if they're friendly. Their Like Clockwork ability can move a  friendly target three inches towards a construct or scrap marker, gaining them a power token if they're augmented, or attaching an equipment card if they're Freikorps. And if they're short of actions to take, their Vent Steam ability gives everyone nearby concealment, which non-construct units treat as hazadous terrain.

Malifaux Burns Remade and Reforged.

Wyrd are releasing a couple of Malifaux Burns boxes each month, and we'll take a look at them as they release.

The copy of the Malifaux Burns book and Remade and Reforged Set used to produce this preview was provided by Wyrd Games.


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