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LimboDivision209 MissWarmJ

LimboDivision209 creates sci-fi miniatures in both 75mm and 35mm scale. We recently spoke to Ed in an interview about their process, starting up the company and future designs. We wanted to follow up that interview with a closer look at one of the pieces, and LimboDivision209 kindly sent us MissWarmJ in both 75mm and 35mm.

LimboDivision209 MissWarm J.
The 75mm MissWarmJ miniature's individual pieces.

Both the 75mm and 35mm MissWarmJ miniatures arrive in tins, with the 3 piece miniature and base, and also a numbered card with the limited edition number of the piece. Both miniatures arrive extremely clean and require minimal work before construction. I always wash miniatures before doing anything with them, just in case there is any residue from the production process.


After washing there was very little work to do on the miniatures. Some material had to been taken off from the bottom of the feet, in order to stand on the base, but the flat surface of the shoes made this very easy. Both arms, both in 35mm and 75mm attached very cleanly, and the ball socket gave a great fit, gluing easily.

LimboDivision209 MissWarm J.
Side and back view of both the 75mm and 35mm MissWarmJ miniature.

All we did to the miniatures in the images above is attach the arms, and then attach the miniatures to the bases. You can see how clean the miniatures arrive to get you painting straight away.

LimboDivision209 MissWarm J.
A detailed comparison of the 75mm and 35mm MissWarmJ.

Even on the 35mm MissWarmJ, the detail is crisp and clear. The mesh area in parts of her weapon still stands out, there are lines in her hair and her clothing has marks and folds.


LimboDivision209 MissWarm J.
MissWarmJ, the cosplayer LimboDivison209 collaborated with.

When we spoke to Ed during our interview, they mentioned cosplay and the collaboration between LimboDivsion209 and MissWarmJ.

Ed: Cosplay design is also one of my hobbies, and I have been doing it for several years. To have a cosplay of my miniature characters is a no-brainer choice for me. It’s a coincidence that I happened to see MisswarmJ’s work and love it, her body proportion even surpasses anime characters. So I contacted her and in the end, we agreed to shoot a cosplay set of my character, which is tailored for her.

I designed and ordered the costume and MisswarmJ did a fantastic job with it. So far the business model is that we give a discount code to each other’s products in our online stores. We will try to do more collaborations in the future.

LimboDivision209 MissWarmJ.
MissWarmJ concept artwork.

It was difficult to track down information about MissWarmJ, but we managed to track down her superior officer who kindly provided an evaluation of J for us.

Evaluation of MisswarmJ (J)

Born in a family of technology-antique merchants, J is an excellent old civilization scholar. Her expertise is in identification and usage of old civilization technology (OCT) equipment. The experience she received from her family and previous commercial adventures has proved to be valuable to our deep expedition missions. In the operation of the Gettysburg base, J successfully entered the base network and disarmed the automatic defence system, avoiding potential casualties. J is also helping us by equipping and maintaining some very useful OCT pieces, including a portable signals concealing device, motion detector and advanced anti-laser and particle reflector.

J has good training in small firearms and is able to use a variety of personal weapons and equipment for self-defence. However, compared to the risks she faces, these weapons do not have adequate stopping power. I believe to arrange Lancelot as J's escort is the best option. Lancelot's long-range operation ability and firepower can not only protect J, but also allow them to use certain stealth attack tactics.

It should be noted that according to our observations, the motivation for J to join Black Falcon is not money nor revenge, but to travel to deeper zones of the ruins. She tends to participate in all missions that can reach these areas. We should continue to monitor her actions and eliminate any potential risk that may effect on the success of our missions.

As her superior officer, I believe she is very useful for the missions that will be carried out by my unit, and I advise that we continue her contract.

Signed Major Schutz v. Bormann

Having both 75mm and 35mm options as a collector is fantastic. The 35mm piece can be painted quickly for the tabletop while spending time on the larger piece for display. We now just need to work out how to get the yellow plastic shimmer effect on her outer clothing.


With LimboDivision209's limited edition numbered pieces, you need to be fast to get hold of any pieces you like the look of. You can see all their products, past, present, and pre-order at their store.

The 75mm and 35mm MissWarmJ miniatures used in this preview were provided by LimboDivision209.



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