Infinity CodeOne Booster Pack Alpha And Beta Preview

As part of our Infinity CodeOne Coverage, we take a look at the CodeOne Booster Pack Alpha and Booster Pack Beta for all four factions.

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Infinity CodeOne Booster Pack Alpha and Beta

Infinity CodeOne is a sci-fi skirmish wargame from Corvus Belli with an anime/cyberpunk feel. CodeOne is a streamlined version of their Infinity wargame and while it includes the core mechanics of Infinity, it has a limited army pool of 4 factions and a maximum limit of 10 units in a force. CodeOne is a beginner-friendly Infinity experience as the limited pool to draw forces from means that there is less to learn for a new player in terms of troops, abilities, and weapons. Army purchases are also streamlined for CodeOne, with only a couple of boxes for each faction beyond the core starter set. Two of the possible sets for each army are the Booster Pack Alpha and Booster Pack Beta, which contain specialists to enhance your army lists and give you access to different playstyles. In this article, we'll detail what's in each Booster Pack for each faction, so you can see what you'll add to your games buy picking it up.

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Infinity CodeOne PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha and Beta.


They are the interstellar super-power with unlimited resources and huge military might. Hard-hitting and aggressive, PanO features some of the best gunfighters, biggest weapons, and most advanced technologies on the battlefield. 

Infinity Code One PanOceania Booster Pack Alpha

Booster Pack Alpha

  • Akal Commando (Combi Rifle) - The Akal gives PanO access to an airdrop unit that can deploy anywhere on the table. Perfect for taking objectives, or putting pressure on a hard-to-reach enemy unit.
  • Swiss Guard (Heavy Machine Gun) - The Swiss Guard are insanely effective at taking stuff out, and not being taken out in return. Armed with an HMG and a ballistic skill of 15, they can drop very accurate firepower at range. Mimetism -6 hugely affects any return fire they might take.
  • Croc Man (MULTI Sniper Rifle) - The Sniper Rifle Croc is great for long-range effective fire, with Mimetism -6 to protect them in return. Infiltration allows them to start up the field and drop their mines to protect them from being rushed.
Infinity Code One PanOceania Booster Pack Beta

Booster Pack Beta

  • Kamau Hacker - Outside of the pricey Knight of Justice, the Kamau Hacker option is a hacker with a solid BTS to protect itself in return, and also Mimetism -3 for if your opponent tries to take them out the old way.
  • Aquila Guard (Heavy Machine Gun) - Is here to make sure no opponent can hide from you, and to punish those who try. The Multispectral Visor L3 effectively negates camouflage, mimetism, and surprise attacks and then reigns down effective HMG fire. With BTS 6 and 4 ARM to keep them safe.
  • Nisse (MULTI Sniper Rifle) - Nisse are a great sniper option. The Multispectral Visor L2 and a solid ballistic skill to target the hard-to-hit units, and Mimetism -3 to reduce the return fire.
Infinity CodeOne Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha and Beta.

Yu Jing

The opposing super-power, they are the countries of the Far East united under one banner. Relying on stealth and speed, Yu Jing are able to quickly get up close and personal and pack a hefty punch when they get there.

Infinity Code One Yu Jing Booster Pack Alpha

Booster Pack Alpha

  • Hsien (Heavy Machine Gun) - The Hsien HMG is a great Lieutenant option, with solid ranged abilities with Multispectral Visor L2 to negate enemy mimetism and the ability to put some real hurt in close combat for enemies that get too close.
  • Zhànying Hacker - The Zhanying Hacker Option can hold their own against all but the highest level close combat troops with a high close combat score and PARA melee weapon that requires a PH check from the target on a successful hit or it becomes immobilized. 
  • Hac Tao Hacker - The Hac Tao are aggressive units with some great initial defensive capabilities with camouflage, Mimetism -6, and dodge, along with 5 ARM and 6 BTS. The hacking device and DA CC weapon gives them options during the turn.
Infinity Code One Yu Jing Booster Pack Beta

Booster Pack Beta

  • Yān Huǒ Fto (Missile Launcher) - The dual shoulder-mounted missile launchers should be an indication of this unit’s purpose, which is to lay down some serious firepower at range. The B+1 makes this walking weapons platform effective during your turns and also laying down some effective firepower during your opponents as well.
  • Zúyǒng (MULTI Rifle) - Cheap heavy troop choice. Armed with a MULTI Rifle for opening up an opponent's armor, and a +1 Burst pistol to keep it effective in ARO when close. Great for backing up the more expensive units, or driving home a move up the field without being too worried about their loss.
  • Tiger Soldier Hacker -  The Tiger gives Yu Jing access to an airdrop unit that can deploy anywhere on the table. Perfect for taking objectives, or prime positioning for hard-to-reach enemies. Mimetism -3 to reduce the effectiveness of incoming fire and a light flamethrower for bunched-up enemies. 
Infinity CodeOne O-12 Booster Pack Alpha and Beta.


The Human Sphere's embodiment of the law. They specialize in controlling the battlefield and locking down their foes, using deadly force when necessary. 

Infinity Code One O-12 Booster Pack Alpha

Booster Pack Alpha

  • Lynx (MULTI Sniper Rifle) - The Lynx sniper is a very effective long-range unit. Great defensive capabilities with camouflage and Mimetism -6 and antipersonnel mines to stop enemies getting too close.
  • Razor (Boarding Shotgun) - A close-up camouflage option. The boarding shotgun hits hard when close up and the Mimetism -6 helps keep them hidden until then.
  • Psi-cop Hacker - Psi-Cops have the Specialist Operative skill, which fits them into any specialist role required of the mission. Mimetism -3 to reduce incoming fire effectiveness and BTS 6 for their own hacking protection. A +1B Nanopulser, Combi-Rifle, and heavy pistol ensure they always have a ranged option.
Infinity Code One O-12 Booster Pack Beta

Booster Pack Beta

  • Cho (Combi Rifle) - Katherine Cho appears in Infinity’s sci-fi dungeon crawler, Defiance, and is also available for O-12 with this set. Cho comes either as a cheap Lieutenant or specialist operative to fll in any gaps in your list.
  • Hippolyta (Breaker Combi Rifle) - Hippolyta is a close combat monster. CC of 24 and Martial Artist L4 to make sure they hit and don’t get hit in return and a DA CC weapon to punish for every hit. Mimetism -6 and Dodge +2 to ensure their safety on the way in while closing the distance.
  • Crusher (Submachine Gun) - The Crusher gets an 8inch boost to their deployment, which is handy because their SMG is only effective at short range. Special Operative ensures they always have the right skill for an objective grab and Mimetism -3 and ARM 2 gives them some protection if they’re exposed.
Infinity CodeOne Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha and Beta.

Combined Army

A faction of combined alien races, under the leadership of an Evolved Intelligence. Whether infiltrating into the enemy's ranks or waging a full-frontal assault, the Combined Army are able to pose threats on multiple fronts, spreading the enemy thin before destroying them.

Infinity Code One Combined Army Booster Pack Alpha

Booster Pack Alpha

  • Tensho (Boarding Shotgun) - Tensho’s have the special operative skill for capturing objectives, along with regeneration to keep them in the game. Their boarding shotgun gives them options for enemies that get too close or make for the same objective.
  • Jayth Cutthroats (Chain Rifle) - Jayth Cutthroats +1B Chain Rifle is great for hitting groups of bunched-up enemies. With a high CC and Martial Arts L3 and a DA CC weapon, you will want to get them in close. Mimetism -6 helps them avoid fire on the way in, but it can be difficult closing the distance with them.
  • Noctifer (Spitfire) - A Spitfire on a camouflage unit with Mimetism -6 is a dangerous thing. Pop them out to eliminate something.
Infinity Code One Combined Army Booster Pack Beta

Booster Pack Beta

  • Ko Dali (MULTI Rifle) - Ko Dali can be taken as two different options. The cheaper +4 forward deployment with DA CC weapon, or the slightly more expensive Infiltration version with AP CC weapon. Both have Multispectral Visor L2 and Mimetism -3 to find those hidden enemies and not get hit in return. Along with ARM 2, Martial Arts L2, and a high CC skill to do some real damage in combat.
  • Victor Messer (Pistol) - Victor has two different weapon options. Both are hackers equipped with a nanoscreen to offer some protection. The cheaper option comes with a boarding shotgun, and the slightly more expensive is armed with a MULTI Rifle and +1B nanopulser.
  • Nourkias Hacker - Nourikias has hacking as an option, but shines in close combat as well. A high CC skill, Martial Arts L4, and a DA CC weapon, along with Protheion that boosts their wounds when they score hits, along with Dodge +3 and +2inches, makes them a force to be reckoned with if allowed to close the distance.

The Infinity CodeOne Booster Pack Alphas and Booster Pack Betas used to produce this guide were provided by Corvus Belli.


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