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Infinity Betrayal

Infinity Betrayal is an anime-style graphic novel by Corus Belli. It brings to life the setting for their popular wargame and features 2 prominent characters from the universe.

The story focuses on Ko Dali, previously a legendary operative for the Yu Jing Empire, but now works for the Combined Army, a unity of alien races, working under an AI known as the Evolved Intelligence. The story revolves around Ko Dali’s capture and interrogation by prominent intelligence operative Adil Mehmut.

Infinity Betrayal Interior Art.
Some fantastic interior artwork from Infinity Betrayal showing Ko Dali in action.

The graphic novel goes into the background for both characters, as Adil is tasked with establishing if Ko Dali is simply an operative gone rogue, or is a construction of the Evolved Intelligence with the appearance of Ko Dali.

The artwork throughout is fantastic, and Agustin Graham Nakamura has done an awesome job of capturing motion in the action sequences. Writer Victor Santos really brings the setting to life with the dialogue and the story that is a mix of action and political intrigue. It’s also great to see the diversity with the 2 main characters in the story, as Adil comes from an ethnic minority within the Yu Jing empire.

Ko Dali Miniatures
The new limited edition Ko Dali miniature and the original Combined Army miniature.

Infinity Betrayal also comes with a limited edition figure of Ko Dali, in a fantastic action pose. Ko Dali can be used in games of Infinity, but not in Infinity CodeOne, in Combined Army forces.

Ko Dali's profile from Infinity Army.
Ko Dali's profile from Infinity Army for use in Infinity N3.

Ko Dali has 2 profiles available for Combined Army forces in Infinity N3. One lets her Combat Jump into the battlefield later in the game, the other lets her deploy further onto the field than is standard during deployment, and also makes her harder to hit. She also has access to a Multispectral Visor, which means that she can easily target enemy stealth units, but also doesn't suffer the effects of smoke, so combining her with a unit that can deploy smoke, protects her without affecting her own attacks.

Infinity Betrayal and CodeOne Dire Foes.
The other central character from Infinity Betrayal is available in Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes Retaliation.

The other featured character, Adil also has a miniature that can be found in the new Infinity CodeOne Dire Foes Retaliation pack and can be used in games of Infinity and CodeOne in Yu Jing Forces if you want to bring the story of Betrayal to life on the tabletop.

Betrayal is the second Infinity graphic novel. Infinity Outrage is also avaiable, with the story also written by Victor Santos, but illustrated by Kenny Ruiz.

If you're looking to get into Infinity, CodeOne is the perfect starting point for beginners, and a 2-player starter pack, Operation Kaldstrom will get you right into the action. Infinity N4, the latest edition of Infinity, releases at the end of September, and you will be able to progress to easily N4 from CodeOne, or head straight into N4 if you want to. You can check out our Operation Kaldstrom preview here.

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The copy of Infinity Betrayal used to produce this preview was provided by Corvus Belli.


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