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Castle Assault came out of nowhere at Gen Con 2015 to land squarely on our Board Game of the Year list, and, with its excellent mix of tower defense, lane combat, resource management, and card-play it has completely solidified a spot on my personal "favorite games" list. Fast forward to Gen Con 2016 where we caught up with TJ Dunbar and the rest of the crew at Volsk as they were both showing off prototypes for the first expansion for Castle Assault, entitled The Fell Fire Forge, as well as preparing to wrap up the successful Kickstarter that they ran for the expansion.

We chatted TJ up about the expansion, and I sat down for a quick match using two of the factions that will feature in The Fell Fire Forge when it's released.

The Fell Fire Forge successfully blew past its funding goal, unlocking a slew of stretch goals along the way, including quite a few collaborations with other game companies. From what I played, I'm more excited than ever to get my hands on more Castle Assault, especially since my favorite aspect of the game, the solo campaign, is seeing some major love in the expansion.

The head to head play is as strong as ever (we played off camera as well) and both of the new factions that were on display felt unique and powerful in their own way, and will fit in wonderfully with the existing factions from the core game. The Fell Fire Forge will actually play as a standalone for players who choose to pick it up and forego the base game, although, if you are like me, you'll be excited to get your hands on as much content as you can for this gem.

If you want to know more about the base game, be sure to read our review and our comments about why it made our list of the best games of the year in 2015.

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