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Published: Saturday, June 6, 2020 - 12:00 | By: Adam Potts
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Game Envy, the creators of the awesome Hobby Holder, are back with another tabletop hobby accessory to assist your painting life. The Desk Wizard Rank 10 and Rank 14 are miniature painting organisation systems, with some fantastic options and abilities.

Game Envy Desk Wizard Rank 14

Currently in Kickstarter and already successfully funded, the new Desk Wizards comes in 2 formats, the Rank 10 and Rank 14, which, at their core, hold 10 and 14 paints respectively. The Desk Wizards hold most of the popular brands of paints neatly and can hold dropper bottles both ways up depending on which end you want your paint. There is also space for 8 brushes, 4 on either side and at the front of the stand, another brush or tool can rest horizontally.

The Desk Wizard works with the Hobby Holder.

The Desk Wizards are compatible with Game Envy's other products, including the Hobby Holder, so you can store miniatures easily and neatly, while you wait for them to dry. Or if you're working on several projects, miniatures on larger bases can sit in the paint holes with the cap stands stopping them from sliding around.

Desk Wizards come in 2 parts.

The Desk Wizards come in two parts, the core paint holder, and the stand. The stand can be used separately, with the holder laying flat, or attached at 2 different points, for 2 levels of tilt on the holder.

Desk Wizard tilt options.

While used as a separate stand, or while attached to the holder, it can hold a mobile phone or tablet for listing to podcasts, or your watching painting tutorials. The stand can also be replaced with Game Envy's Brush Bastion for holding even more tools and brushes.

Desk Wizard stand.

The Desk Wizards are available in a variety of colors (ours is stealth black with red supports) and Game Envy promises customization and compatibility with future products.

Game En

We're huge fans of the Desk Wizard. It's light and durable and the options for positioning are extremely handy as we work in very mobile workspaces. Removing the screws allows you to flat pack the Desk Wizard, for easy transport and it's very quick to breakdown and setup. We've been using our Hobby Holder for the last few years and the compatibility with the Desk Wizard is great.

We can't wait to see what's next from Game Envy, Desk Wizard Megatron Rank 150, or a case that the Desk Wizards slide into for storage.

You can pledge on Kickstarter for the Desk Wizard Rank 10 and 14 here, or pick up a Hobby Holder or their other products through their site.

The copy of the Desk Wizard Rank 14 used in this preview was provided by Game Envy.


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