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The Celestial Genesis Series is a new series of miniatures that features incredibly intricate detail. The miniatures range in size from 54mm to 140mm that draw inspiration from Chinese mythology, horror, steampunk, folklore, and anime. All the miniatures in the series are limited to a run of 300 and some are already nearly sold out. We will look at the whole series of miniatures later in the article, but our main focus of this article is going to be on Celestial Twilight.

celestial twilight 2
Twilight from the Celestial Genesis Series.

Twilight is Number 2 in the series of 8 so far and stands at 73mm tall. She has 15 resin parts including the scenic base.

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Putting Twilight together requires a much higher level of hobby experience and shouldn't be taken lightly. All of her components are incredibly detailed and removing them from the sprues requires a detailed level of concentration so as not to damage the parts. The results are certainly worth it, but putting some time aside to construct her is required and should not be rushed. Her components fit together easily as she has holes and nubs for weight bearing components like the arms that make the surfaces easy to glue together.

Twilight is a beautiful piece and really gives a sense of achievement for construction. We have included images of our unpainted version so far and will update the article later when she is painted.

[gallery columns="4" size="large" ids="251019,251018,251017,251016"]

As can be seen in the above gallery, we mounted our Twilight on a 28mm base to improve her balance.

The entire line of Celestial Genesis miniatures all feature the same incredible detail, which can be seen in the gallery bellow. Box images and further detailed images can be seen on the Celestial website.

[gallery columns="4" size="large" ids="251058,251057,251056,251055,251054,251053,251052"]

If you are interested in owning any from the collection, you should be quick as most are within their last 100 of the 300 available.

What do you think of Twilight? Which is your favourite miniature from the Celestial Genesis Series? Do you own any from the series? Let us know and share your painted/constructed Celestial Genesis miniatures in the comments below.

This copy of Celestial Twilight was provided by Diemension Games.

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