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Bushido Minimoto Clan

The Minimoto Clan in Bushido are stoic loners. They hold alone against lines of enemies with their blunt force weapons. Players taking on the Minimoto knew what they were getting in to and with some clever outmaneuvering, could fight against their tactics. That was, until now. A recent wave of new releases gives them some fantastic new ways to bring destruction to their enemies and we'll look at each in detial below.

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Bushido Minimoto Enbannage

Akemi & Enban'nage Ashigaru

Samurai archery is a thing of beauty. A harmony of mind, spirit, and weapon. Such things however are not for the Minimoto. Their ranged options entail their troops throwing discs of metal at the enemy, with such force as to knock them back.

Akemi and the Enban'nage Ashigaru add an entirely new option to the previous Minimoto playstyle. Aside from giving them ranged options beyond Nuan, they can move and attack without a modifier, which helps to keep them on the move and still rain accurate fire on your opponent’s units. They also have the option to spend Ki after a successful attack, to move their target 1 inch back. This adds an element of board control that the Minimoto hasn’t had before. Your enemy is going to want to get through your units to get at the enban’nage armed units, and unfortunately for them, getting through a line of Minimoto is pretty tough going.

Bushido Minimoto Hoshi Rinko

Hoshi Rinko

Rinko is a combo unit that works extremely well with the rest of the Minimoto. As an ice sorcerer, she brings balance to the Minimoto's fire.

Rinko’s ranged attack, Ice Magic, is better than their melee, but you want them to keep close to the rest of your units for their other abilities. Blizzard puts all units on the board into cover and gives them slow, so they can’t run or charge, which is very helpful for the Minimoto controlling the battlefield. As an added bonus, Rinko isn’t affected by the slow from Blizzard. Icy Veins allows them to give a friendly unit Durable against ranged attacks, which reduces all damage to 1 and Cold Shatter can double the damage against enemy units if the damage dealt would destroy that unit. With the high damage of the Minimoto, that’s not usually a problem. 

Bushido Minimoto Kajiya

Minimoto Kajiya

Kajiya is a master blacksmith and comes onto the battlefield to support your units with his crafting ability.

Kajiya’s main ability Blade Dedication requires an opposed Ki test with an enemy and if successful, gives a friendly unit in base contact the Dedicated Blade enhancement card. The enhancement makes that fighter extremely effective against the unit that was targeted with the Ki test, by doing extra damage and reducing the enemy unit’s defense. Getting a warrior into contact with your opponent’s biggest threat, and then boosting them with Dedicated Blade will cause your opponent a lot of concern. It takes some set up but can be devastating if pulled off.

Blade Dedication is a once per game effect and once successful, Kajiya will spend the rest of the game giving units in contact with them Pierce to get through your enemy’s armor and laying down their own effective attacks.

Bushido Minimoto Unblessed Ashigaru.

Unblessed Ashigaru

Each of the Minimoto Ashigaru has a matching champion. The Jyoto have Masaema Yoshinobu, the Enban’nage have Akemi and the Unblessed have Raiko from the Minimoto starter set.

Raiko and the Unblessed play differently from the rest of the clan. A lot of the Minimoto benefit from the Bear Stands Alone ability, which reduces the enemy bonus for outnumbering them, as long as they are more than 3 inches away from other friendly units. The Unblessed like to work together (but also still have access to the Bear Stands Alone) as they get access to the Gang Ki feat which gives them co-ordinated attack if they’re in base contact with the same enemy. As they have the group ability, they activate in the same activation, making engaging the same enemy easier.

They are the cheapest troops that the Minimoto have access to, so while not particularly effective, are great at filling out the numbers in your force. 

Bushido Minimoto Starter Set.

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