Black Templars: Helbrecht and Castellan Preview

Hot on the heels of their Army Set, the Black Templars get a whole host of reinforcements. We check out High Marshal Helbrecht and Castellan in our preview.

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Black Templars: High Marshal Helbrecht and Castellan.

Rushing to support their sword brothers, and hot on the heels of the Black Templar Army Set release, this week sees several Black Templar boxes for Warhammer 40,000 go on pre-order. In this article, we’ll take a look at the Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht and Castellan, checking out the new miniatures and having a look over their rules.

Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht.

High Marshal Helbrecht is the Chapter Master of the Black Templars, holding absolute authority over the entire Black Templars chapter. Helbrecht has gone through the Primaris process and the new miniature, based on the classic artwork by Mark Gibbons, has him standing over the body of a slain Ork, attended by his two thralls. One thrall is cleaning the sword, which still impales the slain Ork, and the other carries Helbrecht’s combi-melta Ferocity.

Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht.
High Marshal Helbrecht and the classic Mark Gibbons artwork that inspired the miniature.

On the battlefield, Helbrecht is a leader who very much likes to lead by example, and for the Black Templars, that means in the thick of the fighting, surrounded by the slain enemies of the Emperor. With six attacks and a weapon skill of 2+, Helbrecht is a beast in close combat. His Sword of the High Marshals has two profile options, one-handed which doubles his attacks for one damage per hit or two-handed which doubles his strength for three damage per hit. Helbrecht doesn’t come alone, the two thralls also get stuck in with close combat, keen to give their master’s enemies the good news with their fists, although a lot less effective than the master of the chapter that likes to kill things with swords.

As the supreme commander, Helbrecht also inspires all of those around him. As a chapter master, he can select a unit within six inches each turn that gets to reroll their hit rolls all turn. And just to make sure that any unit Helbrecht smashes into is completely obliterated, any Black Templar units within six inches of him, also get to add one to their strength and reroll any hit rolls of one.

Black Templars Castellan.

The Black Templars Castellan, like the Marshal from the Black Templars Army Set, is a named rank within the Black Templars. The Marshal is a uniquely armed Primaris Captain, and the Castellan is a Primaris Lieutenant armed with a combi-flamer and master-crafted power axe. There are also options to arm your Castellan with either a heavy bolt pistol or auto-plasma and chainsword or master-crafted power sword.

The Castellan box doesn't have any armament options other than those pictured. But that's not an issue, the combi-flamer lets you deal damage at range, then burn your enemies at shorter range, before closing the distance with the power axe for four, strength six attacks with -2 AP and two damage per hit.

Black Templars Castellan.
John Blanche's artwork from the 3rd Edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the upcoming Castellan miniature inspired by the artwork.

Both of these new miniatures are available to pre-order this weekend, along with the individual units from the Black Templars Army Set released a few weeks ago and the awesome-looking box set for High Chaplain Grimaldus and Retinue.

The copies of Black Templars High Marshal Helbrecht and Castellan used to produce this preview were provided by Games Workshop.


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