Tabletop and Board Game News

Modiphius Announces Fallout: Wasteland Warfare TTRPG

Modiphius Entertainment announced that they will develop and publish two tabletop Fallout RPG titles.

Alpha Black Lotus Auction Sells For Over $160,000, Breaking Previous Record by Nearly Double

An Alpha Black Lotus Auction has seen one of the rarest Magic: The Gathering cards sold for over $160,000 as reported by PWCC Marketplace

The Op Announce Line Of Board Games Based On IT

The Op, formerly USAopoly, has announced a brand new line of board games

Talisman: Kingdom Hearts Edition Announced By The Op

Someone went and decided to break the internet, this time by announcing a cr

Classic D&D Adventures Coming In Ghosts of Saltmarsh

Wizards of the Coast have announced a new adventure sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition with several classic AD&D 

IDW Drops Ninja Division From All Projects

IDW Games, renowned publishers of many licensed board games, have dropped Ninja Division from all their current and future projects, citing complai

MonteCook Games' Arcana Of The Ancients To Bring Science Fantasy To 5e

MonteCook Games have announced a new book called Arcana Of The

Cover Reveal of the Upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar RPG

Last night on the official Warhammer Community Twitch Stream, Cubicle 7 revealed the cover for their upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Lead your Ancient Clan to Victory in Quined Games' Terramara

Tabletop developer Quined Games has announced Terramara, an upcoming game set in the time around 1500 BC.

Magic The Gathering Drop MSRP From Their Products

Wizards of the Coast, makers of the popular card game Magic The Gathering, have announced their intention to drop MSRP from all of their f

Wizkids Licenses The Orville Figurines

Wizkids, creators of the Clix miniature wargaming system have signed a licen

Hasbro Announces First Overwatch Board Game - Overwatch Monopoly

Hasbro, owners of many tabletop gaming franchises, have announced the release of an Overwatch boardgame, in the form of Overwatch Mono

Dungeons and Dragons In Hawkins, Indiana With New Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

Hasbro has teamed up with Netflix to produce a Dungeons and Dragons starter set featuring characters, adventures, and locations from the h

Fantasy Flight Games Announces Scoundrel-Centric Star Wars: Outer Rim

Ever felt more kinship with the scoundrels in the Star Wars

Roll20 and Stronghold Kingdoms Subject to Security Breach

In an article posted on TechCrunch February 14, the tech site revealed a pote

New KeyForge Set Announced "Age Of Ascension"

Fantasy Flight have announced a brand new set for the

Mage Knight Digital Version and 5 More Games Coming from Dire Wolf Digital

Dire Wolf Digital has announced a Mage Knight Digital version alongside five other tabletop games.

Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual for 5th Edition Slated for Summer Release

This summer, Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade are releasing an Acquisitions Incorporated sourcebook for

Michael A. Stackpole Resigns from GAMA, Slams Board of Directors

On January 6, novelist and longtime tabletop gaming industry member Michael A.

Monopoly Gets Cheesy With New Pizza Board Theme

The next time you're thinking of ordering a pizza, you might want to consider the Monopoly Pizza Board Game.

Free Magic: The Gathering Novella by Brandon Sanderson Available Today

Magic: The Gathering's deep lore expands with a new novella by fantasy author Brandon Sanderson.

New Classes Among the Stars in Paizo's Starfinder Playtest

In a press release announced yesterday afternoon, Paizo began allowing players to test three new classes in science-fiction RPG Starfinder