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Wingspan Pokemon Mod For Tabletop Simulator Is Now A Thing

Fans of Pokemon and Wingspan, your prayers have been answered. The Wingspan Pokemon mod is a total aesthetic conversion with some gameplay changes.

Magic The Gathering And Dungeons & Dragons Each Had Best Year Ever

Hasbro announced that Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons have both had their best years yet, driving increased revenue for the company.

New Warhammer 40K Drukhari Rules Teased

New Warhammer 40K Drukhari rules have been teased today as Games Workshop leads up to the new Drukhari codex release later in 2021.

Mint Condition Pokemon Card Set Sells for $666,000

A recently-concluded auction on Goldin Auctions has sold 103 mint condition Pokemon trading cards for a total of $666,000.

Z-Man Games Announces Sci-Fi Worker-Placement Game Cryo

Cryo is an upcoming worker-placement game from Z-Man games that has some really interesting artistic inspiration behind it.

Stonemaier Games Announce New Game Red Rising

Red Rising is an upcoming game from Stonemaier Games based on the dystopian novels written by Pierce Brown. Set to release at some point this year.

New Time Travel Adventure Released For Star Trek Adventures

Star Trek Adventures is the latest role-playing game for the Star Trek universe, and now Another Roll of the Dice is bringing time travel to the mix.

Scientists Are Studying How Prevalent Autism is in Board Gamers

Asmodee's research group, Game in Lab, is doing a study of the link between autistic spectrum conditions and board games with a chance to win free games.

Sierra Madre Games Will Still Feature Essays Going Forward

Phil Eklund has claimed that Sierra Madre games will continue to feature the same essays and footnotes that they always have.

Black Lotus Destroys Previous Sales Record With $500,000 Auction

If you thought the Black Lotus was already completely insane then you're in for a shock to learn it's just sold for over half-a-million dollars.

New Study Reveals Board Games Can Help Alzheimer's Patients

A new study from Game In Lab and Asmodee Research has shown that board games can have hugely beneficial effects on Alzheimer's patients.

Naruto Ninja Arena Board Game Coming From Japanime Games

Naruto Ninja Arena is an upcoming board game based on the popular anime series from Japanime Games. Pit your favorite characters in frantic arena combat.

Portal Games Announce Dune: House Secrets Game For 2021

Dune: House Secrets is an upcoming Dune board game from Portal Games based on the upcoming blockbuster movie Dune, based on the 1965 book.

CEO of Funagain Games Steps Down Over Social Media Comments

Funagain Games CEO Jeff DeBoer has stepped down after comments he made to another designer on Facebook caused huge fan backlash online.

Critical Role Miniatures Coming From Wizkids

Critical Role may be a wildly successful tabletop series, but now you can actually play the characters in your own tabletop games with these minis.

The Pathfinder Universe Comes to the Savage Worlds Tabletop RPG

A Pathfinder Savage Worlds crossover is arriving later this year and you can secure a copy for yourself on Kickstarter right now.

Kid-Friendly RPG The Wardlings Coming To Roll20

Renegade are bringing their kid-friendly RPG, The Wardlings, to Roll20 on Thursday, making it even easier to get your kids into the hobby.

Hans Im Glueck Scrapping The Voyages of Marco Polo

Board game publisher Hans Im Glueck are scrapping production of The Voyages of Marco Polo after comments made by the game's designer on Facebook.

[Updated] Ion Game Design (Possibly?) Removing Controversial Designer's Essays From Games

Ion Game Design will be cutting various essays and footnotes from various games after fan backlash aimed at designer and writer Phil Ecklund.

Re-Discover Evolution With Darwin's Journey

If you've ever wanted to step aboard the HMS Beagle back in 1831 and re-create Charles Darwin's incredible journey and discovery of the theory of e

Aeon's End Expansion Legacy of Gravehold Announced

A new expansion for the popular deck-building game Aeon's End has been announced via The Board Game BBQ Podcast. The new expansion is called

CMON Announces Teen Titans Go! Board Game

Tabletop publisher CMON has announced a Teen Titans Go! board game, Scooby-Doo board game, and Looney Tunes board game —

The Initiative Coming From Creator of Eldritch Horror

Asmodee is teaming up with Unexpected Games to release the first board game from the new studio. The Initiative is a narrative experience

Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries Launches March 2021

Dungeons & Dragons Candlekeep Mysteries has been announced as a new collection of 17 short adventures written by "up-and-coming D&

Fan Creates Pokemon-themed Settlers of Catan Game

While it doesn't have as many crossover editions and