Z-Man Games Announces Citadels Revised Edition

The pieces laid out from Citadels Revised Edition

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Z-Man Games Announces Citadels Revised Edition

August 12, 2021

By: Tyler Chancey


Z-Man Games have announced a new edition of their architecture-based card game, Citadels. But this isn't to mark a new edition of the game, but to offer a cheaper, more compact alternative.

Z-Man Games' website goes into further detail of what Citadels Revised Edition will include. In the broadest strokes, this is still the same competitive card game fans are familiar with. You are still competing with friends for the title of Master Builder by completing your very own city first. In fact, the Revised Edition contains all of the additional content introduced in the Deluxe Edition of the game, which includes content from the Dark City expansion as well as nine new characters and twelve additional districts.

The big difference is that Citadels Revised Edition will be more streamlined. The box is smaller thanks to some savvy changes to the game pieces. The tarot cards have been resized. Various punch-out pieces are now mini-cards making set up and storage a lot easier. Thankfully, the plastic gold coin pieces and crown will still be present.

The layout of a regular game of Citadels Revised Edition
This is a much simpler set up with the new pieces. You can imagine this on a coffee table.

Because of these changes, Citadels Revised Edition will be cheaper. While the Deluxe Edition sold for $34.99, the Revised Edition will be selling for $29.99. It might not seem like a big change, but considering Citadels Revised Edition is meant more for long trips or smaller gaming tables, that five-dollar difference adds up.


Citadels was originally created by acclaimed game designer Bruno Faidutti. The exact same individual who got into hot water earlier this year due to some opinions he had about drinking culture and the distrustful, potentially manipulative, elements that came with it. His comments gained the attention of several other members of the industry who offered swift rebuttals to his claims.

Citadels Revised Edition does not have an official release date at this time.

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