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X-Wing 2.0 is coming! Fantasy Flight Games (FFG) have announced a new update to their extremely popular Star Wars X-Wing skirmish game. X-Wing was released in 2012 and took the competitive skirmish wargame industry by storm. Star Wars fans were happy to be able to enact the famous dogfights from the movies and soon, non-Star Wars gamers began to play as well, attracted to the fast-paced and extremely well thought-out skirmish system.

X-Wing players select the ships they want to play with and add pilots and equipment as detailed by cards to make up the points cost for the game they are playing.  During the game, players secretly select the movement options for their ships and simultaneously reveal them. This leads to an extremely tactical game of judging and guessing your opponents' actions to allow your ships to fire, but deny theirs.

FFG have decided that this year is the time to release X-Wing Second Edition, which will update several things for X-Wing players and allow new players into the game.

The main updates will be:

Rules changes/tweaks/streamlining

According to FFG 'Some of the more noticeable changes include red actions that induce stress, linked actions on ship cards, the introduction of the Force, upgrades with a limited number of “charges,” changes to turrets, and the ability to repair damage on your ships. What’s more, several cosmetic changes have been made to ships as they are rereleased in the game’s second edition, including allowing the wings on new X-wings to move between open and closed positions.'

Use of the Force

FFG want to make using the Force in X-Wing more prevalent and have introduced Force powers to Force-sensitive pilots. As an example of what's planned, FFG has given the below example:

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"While Luke is being attacked, he uses one of his Force charges to change a focus result to an evade."

Strengthened Faction Identities

FFG have focused the identities of the three X-Wing factions. The Empire, Rebels, and Scum have been made to feel different from each other and unique in their themes. They've also made the point to make the First Order and Resistance feel different from the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance to really make each faction feel unique.

Going Digital

FFG have announced a squad builder app and website that will assist players in planning and running their X-Wing games. This follows a theme for FFG who recently introduced an app that assists in Star Wars Imperial Assault games. We will have more coverage and details on this as soon as it's live, but the current details suggest that you will be able to run custom formats for organized play and will be a major feature of competitive X-Wing in the future.

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FFG's preview of the X-Wing Squad Builder app and website.

Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 will be sold early at Gen Con and a public release on the 13 September 2018. On release, we can expect the X-Wing 2.0 Core Set along with three conversion sets that will allow players to continue with their previous X-Wing products and the 1st Wave of new models.

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FFG's Star Wars X-Wing 2.0 Initial Releases.

The TechRaptor Tabletop team are super excited for X-Wing 2.0 and we will bring you updates as they are released.

Are you an X-Wing player? Are you looking forward to 2.0? If you're not an X-Wing player, are you looking forward to picking it up now? Let us know in the comments below.

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