Wyrmwood Breaks Guinness World Record About Dice

Wyrmwood, the company responsible for producing premium dice and dice accessories have broke a Guinness World Record for longest line of dice

Published: July 14, 2021 3:01 PM /


A member of Wrymwood holding up a Guinness World Record certificate

It seems that the world of tabletop gaming has hit an entertaining milestone recently. Thanks to some forward-thinking by the company Wyrmwood on their latest Kickstarter campaign, they have broken a Guinness World Record.

For those not aware, Wyrmwood is a company that specializes in produces premium dice as well as dice accessories aimed at discerning tabletop gaming. Unique patterns or materials, high-quality dice trays, dice bags, or dice towers are all produced by them.

The Kickstarter in question, simply titled "Dice by Wyrmwood and Dispel" was a collaborative campaign with another dice manufacturer in order to help produce more elaborate dice sets for those willing to pay. Everything from pristine glass to cut gemstone designs to various metals and resins was on display.

But the World Record was not for the quality or production of these dice but for pure quantity. In a video sent out to all Kickstarter Backers, Wyrmwood explained that there is a Guinness World record for Longest Line of Dice. A single continuous line of dice with no branches, with each die in the line only allowed to be touching two other dice and nothing else. The idea was that Wyrmwood would produce a single six-sided die for each and every single backer behind the project and attempt to break the current record. Afterwards, the die would be sent to each backer so they can have a piece of this history. The video then showed the team setting up the entire line of dice, followed by a visit of an adjudicator from Guinness.

Boxes of dice made by Wyrmwood still in their packaging
Oh yeah, that's a lot of dice.

The current world record holder was in 2019 with a grand total of 6,927 dice. At the conclusion of Wyrmwood's campaign, 18,581 people had become backers, each one of which contributed to creating a die as part of their pledge. In short, this studio came close to tripling the original World Record, all thanks to their supporters and some savvy forethought by the people in charge.

Congratulations Wyrmwood on a well earned world record, and congratulations to the thousands of backers that can now take pride in being part of a world record.

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