Wyrd Games Previews A Number Of New Malifaux 3E Releases Including Iconic Fate Deck

Wyrd Games have just dropped a pretty decent preview of some of the releases they have coming up, and if you've ever wanted to own a plastic deck of cards or race crack-y animals through a swamp then you're in for a treat.

Published: March 18, 2021 2:57 PM /


Wyrd Games - Malifaux

Wyrd Games has previewed a whole bunch of upcoming releases, primarily for their miniature skirmish game Malifaux Third Edition. Some of the highlights include a new faction starter set, and the return of the Iconic Fate Deck, a very fancy deck of cards that looks like an aged poker deck. 

New Stuff For Malifaux Third Edition

The biggest picks from Wyrd Games' recent previews are probably the suite of new drops for Malifaux Third Edition. The first item on display is a new starter set for The Outcasts, a faction of lone-wolf mercenary types who prominently feature a goblin with a lightning gun as a member. There's also a bunch of new miniatures coming in June, including the Razorspine Rattlers which are basically just a whole bunch of hydra-esque things but without the eyes. Probably one to avoid if you're not into snakes. 

You should also be on the look out for the return of the Iconic Fate Deck. If you're not away, Malifaux uses a deck of cards, rather than dice, to decide the outcome of most of the in-game actions. As such, both players need to get their hands on a fate deck to play the game. While you can use a standard fate deck, or one themed around your chosen faction, the Iconic Fate Deck is a premium option, constructed entirely from plastic and designed to look like an aging poker deck, but with the special suites that are exclusive to Malifaux

More Goblin-y Goodness

If you want more goblins than what Malifaux can provide, then the final preview on the list should also interest you. Bayou Bash is an upcoming racing game that pits 2-4 players against each other to race their insane swamp animals through a bayou while bashing their opponents in the face, hence the name. Oh, also your animals look like crack addicts and each player is a goblin, so that's neat.  

You can expect Bayou Bash and the rest of the Malifaux materia to drop at some point in June, except for the Ratlers who keep escaping from their box. Natch. You can find out more at Wyrd Games' website. 

What do you think of these previews from Wyrd? Will you be getting any of these upcoming Malifaux drops? Let us know in the comments below. 

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