WWE Superstar Showdown Death Drops onto Tabletops

WWE Superstar Showdown is a new tabletop game from the world-famous wrestling brand in partnership with tabletop veterans Gale Force Nine.

Published: May 6, 2015 5:52 PM /


WWE Superstar Showdown Cover Art

I'm not usually one to encourage companies to exploit their brands. Overexposure is a hell of a thing, and seeing stuff like Avengers themed waffles and Ozzy Osbourne hawking phones is enough to test the loyalty of any fan. One exception to this would be WWE and their various entries into gaming. Other than the excellent WWE All Stars, games based on the fed of record have been stagnant for close to a decade. There is so much potential in the heroes and villains of the squared circle duking it out in ways that only games can provide.

WWE Teaming with Gale Force Nine for Superstar Showdown

With that in mind, it is good to see that WWE will be teaming up with the creative minds over at Gale Force Nine to bring out Superstar Showdown, a tabletop incarnation of professional wrestling that even The Dudley Boyz would approve of. The game lets you choose from a roster of six superstars, including perennial main eventer John Cena, fan favorite Daniel Bryan, the man who must look strong Roman Reigns and also pre-New Day Big E for whatever reason.

Details about what playing the game will consist of are scarce at the moment, but looking at the official website reveals that each wrestler will have their own deck of cards featuring signature moves and finishers to unleash on your opponents. Up to six friends can play together in tag team matches, or you can go it alone for an Ironman match with a heated rival. The game also includes miniature figurines of each wrestler, just in case you want The Big Show to overtake the thimble or the Scottish Terrier in your weekly Monopoly game. WWE Superstar Showdown is expected to release in July, although whether it will be before or after WWE Battleground is still not known at this time.

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